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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Death toll rises to 248 as 7.1 earthquake strikes Mexico city to rumbles of a centurion quake

7.1 magnitude quake hits DAYS after biggest in century – 248 dead.. Numbers to rise.

Thousands sift through rubble after Mexico earthquake


The quake struck at 1.15pm local time (7.15pm BST) and of the 216 people confirmed dead so far, half of them were in the capital, Mexico City.

Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto later confirmed 22 bodies had been recovered from a collapsed school in Mexico City where 48 people remain missing.

One woman, a 32-year-old mother, told reporters: "They keep pulling kids out, but we know nothing of my daughter."

The governor of the neighbouring state of Morelos said at least 42 people had been killed there.

Five more people died in the State of Mexico, governor Alfredo Del Mazo told local TV.


Rescuers work to clear the debris from a collapsed building in Mexico City


A woman is pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed building in Mexico City


Shocked Mexico City residents console one another after this afternoon's quake

Dozens of buildings have been reduced to rubble across the capital, including a number of historic points of interest, while broken gas mains have sparked fires across the city.

The US Geological Survey said the quake hit five miles southeast of Atencingo in the state of Puebla, about 100 miles south of Mexico City, at a depth of 32 miles.

The quake prompted a small eruption of Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano, which is visible from Mexico City.

On its slopes a small church collapsed, killing 15 people.

Video has emerged showing a huge explosion over the city following the quake, the cause of which is not yet clear.

HUGE explosion tears through Mexico City after earthquake



Hospital patients were moved outside of the building following the quake


The president said at least 27 buildings had collapsed in Mexico City

A large number of hospital patients have been photographed receiving treatment outside the facility for fear the building may collapse.

Dentist Claudia Meneses said she was in her clinic in Mexico City's Lindavista neighbourhood when the earthquake struck.

"People are really scared right now," she said.

"We're going to go to a building that fell to see if we can help."


An injured woman is carried away after the quake in Mexico


Mexico has been hit by another powerful earthquake weeks after a fatal quake

The quake was recorded at 1.15pm local time and comes days after the country was hit by an 8.1 magnitude tremor, the biggest to hit Mexico in a century, killing at least 98 people.

President Nieto was on a flight to Oaxaca, one of the hardest hit areas by that quake, but has since tweeted that he was immediately returning to attend to the quake in Mexico City.

Just two hours before the quake struck, people had been taking part in evacuation drills on the anniversary of one of Mexico's deadliest earthquakes which struck in 1985.

Video footage shows a huge cloud of thick dust and smoke filling the streets as people try to make their way to safety.

One clip shows the side of a National Secretariat building crumbling as onlookers scream in horror.

People scream as Mexico earthquake destroys building


Seperate footage shows huge storm-like waves rocking gondoliers in Mexico city's famous Xochimilco canals.

Adrian Wilson, a photographer from New York City, was in Mexico City when the quake hit.

He told CNN: "I was having lunch when the floor gently rocked as if a big truck went by.


The earthquake comes just days after the country's biggest earthquake in a century killed 98 people

"It then amplified in waves and the whole room started shaking.

"The building is from the 1930s and just survived a big earthquake, so I knew I would be OK."

In Cuernavaca, a city south of Mexico City, there were unconfirmed reports on local radio of people trapped beneath collapsed buildings.

Mexican TV and social media showed cars crushed by debris.

Many people fled into the streets, and electricity and phone lines were down in parts of the capital.

"We got out really fast, leaving everything as it was and just left," said Rosaura Suarez, as she stood with a crowd on the street.

Tourists feel force of Mexico City earthquake on famous canals


The Mexican stock exchange has suspended trading following the quake.

Mexico airport has also suspended all operations.

US President Donald Trump said on Twitter: "God bless the people of Mexico City. We are with you and will be there for you."

The city and its surrounding area are home to about 20 million people.

Fears that the quake could cause a tsunami in the Pacific ocean have been dismissed by officials from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, who said it was too far inland to generate such a wave.

It also comes on the 32nd anniversary of a 1985 quake which killed 5,000 people and caused serious damage to the Greater Mexico City area

Following the quake the Mexican government brought in sweeping changes to safety rules and disaster preparation.

Additional reporting by Will Kirby, Matt Drake and Nicole Stinson.

Culled from Express

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Read: Nigerian President Speech At The 72nd United Nations Session

On behalf of my country, Nigeria, I congratulate you Mr. President on your election and Mr. Gutteres on his first General Assembly outing as our Secretary-General. I assure you both of my country’s solidarity and cooperation. You will indeed need the cooperation of all member States as we are meeting during extra-ordinarily troubled and dangerous times. Let me also thank former Secretary-General Mr. Ban ki Moon for his service to the United Nations and wish him peaceful retirement.
Mr. President,
2. The previous year has witnessed many far-reaching developments. Some of the most significant events include the Iran Nuclear Deal, the Paris Climate Change Agreement and, of grave concern, the North Korean nuclear crisis.
Mr. President,
3. I must also commend the UN’s role in helping to settle thousands of innocent civilians caught in the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. In particular, we must collectively thank the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany under the commendable leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Governments of Italy, Greece and Turkey for assisting hundreds of thousands of refugees.
4. In an exemplary show of solidarity, the international community came together within my own region to assist the countries and communities in the Sahel and the Lake Chad regions to contain the threats posed by Al Qaida and Boko Haram.
5. We thank the Security Council for visiting the countries of the Lake Chad Basin to assess the security situation and humanitarian needs, and for pledging assistance to rebuild lives and livelihoods. Indeed, in Nigeria we are providing relief and humanitarian assistance to millions in camps and those afflicted by terrorism, drought, floods and other natural disasters.
6. In the last year, the international community came together to focus on the need for gender equality, youth empowerment, social inclusion, and the promotion of education, creativity and innovation. The frontiers of good governance, democracy including holding free and fair elections, and enthronement of the rule of law are expanding everywhere, especially in Africa.
7. Our faith in democracy remains firm and unshaken. Our regional organisation ECOWAS came together to uphold democratic principles in The Gambia – as we had done previously in Cote D’Ivoire.
8. Through our individual national efforts, state institutions are being strengthened to promote accountability, and to combat corruption and asset recovery. These can only be achieved through the international community cooperating and providing critical assistance and material support. We shall also cooperate in addressing the growing transnational crimes such as forced labour, modern day slavery, human trafficking and cybercrime.
Mr. President,
9. These cooperative efforts should be sustained. We must collectively devise strategies and mobilise the required responses to stop fleeing ISIS fighters from mutating and infiltrating into the Sahel and the Lake Chad Basin, where there are insufficient resources and response capacity is weak.
10. This will require strong UN cooperation with regional organisations, such as the African Union, in conflict prevention and management. The UN should continue to take primary leadership of the maintenance of international peace and security by providing, in a predictable and sustainable manner, adequate funding and other enablers to regional initiatives and peacekeeping operations authorized by the Security Council.
Mr. President,

11. New conflicts should not make us lose focus on ongoing unresolved old conflicts. For example, several UN Security Council Resolutions from 1967 on the Middle East crisis remain unimplemented. Meanwhile, the suffering of the Palestinian people and the blockade of Gaza continue.
12. Additionally, we are now confronted by the desperate human rights and humanitarian situations in Yemen and most tragically in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. The Myanmar crisis is very reminiscent of what happened in Bosnia in 1995 and in Rwanda in 1994.
13. The international community cannot remain silent and not condemn the horrendous suffering caused by what, from all indications is a state-backed programme of brutal depopulation of the Rohingya inhabited areas in Myanmar on the bases of ethnicity and religion. We fully endorse the call by the Secretary-General on the Government of Myanmar to order a halt to the ongoing ethnic cleansing and ensure the safe return of the displaced Rohingya to their homes in safety and dignity.
14. In all these crises, the primary victims are the people, the most vulnerable being women and children. That is why the theme of this session: Focusing on People: Striving for Peace and Decent Life for All on a Sustainable Planet” is most apposite.
15. While the international community grapples to resolve these conflicts, we must be mindful and focus on the widening inequalities within societies, and the gap between the rich and the poor nations. These inequalities and gaps are part of the underlining root causes of competition for resources, frustration and anger leading to spiralling instability.
16. The most pressing threat to international peace and security today is the accelerated nuclear weapons development programme by North Korea. Since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, we have never come so close to the threat of nuclear war as we have now.
17. All necessary pressure and diplomatic efforts must be brought to bear on North Korea to accept peaceful resolution of the crisis. As Hiroshima and Nagasaki painfully remind us, if we fail, the catastrophic and devastating human loss and environmental degradation cannot be imagined.
Mr. President,
18. Nigeria proposes a strong UN delegation to urgently engage the North Korean Leader. The delegation, led by the Security Council, should include members from all the regions.
19. The crisis in the Korean peninsula underscores the urgency for all member states, guided by the spirit of enthroning a safer and more peaceful world, to ratify without delay the Treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons, which will be open for signature here tomorrow.
Mr. President,
20. I end my remarks by reiterating Nigeria’s abiding commitment to the foundational principles and goals of the United Nations. Since our admission as a member state in 1960, we have always participated in all efforts to bring about global peace, security and development. Nigeria will continue to support the UN in all its efforts, including the attainment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
I thank you.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Police Release Image Of Newborn Baby Who Was Abandoned In East London Park

Police Release Image Of Newborn Baby Who Was Abandoned In East London Park

18 September 2017, 17:00

Police have released a picture of Baby Harry in a bid to encourage his mother to come forward. Picture: Met Police

Police have released an image of a newborn baby who was found abandoned in an east London park over the weekend.

Named Harry by medical staff, officers hope the picture will encourage his mother to come forward.

The newborn was discovered in a park area close in Balaam Street in Plaistow on Sunday morning.

Officers and paramedics attended and the boy, who was carefully wrapped in a white blanket, was taken to hospital where he is being cared for.

Det Insp Ian Barker, who is leading the inquiry, said: “Baby Harry is doing well under the care of hospital staff but we are very worried about his mother.

Baby Harry was found in a park area close to Balaam Street in Plaistow on Sunday morning. Picture: Met Police

"If you see this appeal, please come forward and let us know you are safe. I know you must be feeling very frightened and alone to have done what you did but please make contact with us or your local hospital or GP surgery so they can check you are OK and offer you medical care and support.

"Little Harry needs to be reunited with his mother so we would urge anyone else with information, or who saw anything out of the ordinary in the Balaam Street area on Sunday morning, to please come forward."

Anyone who can help is asked to call police on 020 8217 6528 or via 101.


Igbo Ethnic Bigotry And Hate Campaigns Worry Me, By Joe Igbokwe.

OPINION : Igbo Ethnic Bigotry And Hate Campaigns Worry Me By Joe Igbokwe.
Ever since President Buhari won the 2015 Presidential elections he was destined to win having labored in 2003, 2007, 2011 and then 2015 a very vast preponderance of South South and South East indigenes have descended on the President, pouring invectives, calling him names, abusing his person and his exalted office, preaching hate, and ethnic divisions. I have followed this dangerous trend over a year now, and it is not abetting. It is growing like wild fire everyday. In recent times the South-South people whose son lost the election have moved on except the criminal avengers who are fighting for their pockets only and destroying their environment.
I have seen spirited and genuine efforts being made by the leaders of South-South to bring peace to the Niger Delta, and I heartily commend them for this. It is in their own interest. But in the South East, our people have refused to move on. In the diaspora, in Nigeria, in schools, in the markets, on the streets, in Churches, in Town Meetings etc Igbo have refused to move on. Every move the President makes to rebuild and reposition the country is abused, castigated and ethnic meaning read into it. The dangerous trend has become so embarrassing that one is compelled to speak out. While leaders of South-South have made interventions to make way for harmony and peaceful co-existence, Igbo leaders have maintained a deafening silence but this silence is no longer golden. Ethnic bigotry and hate speeches our people both at home and abroad dish out everyday endanger our people living in all parts of Nigeria. President Buhari belongs to a section of Nigeria and must not run away with the thinking that his people will be happy and clap for us when we malign and abuse one of their own.
No ethnic group in Nigeria moves and settles in any part of the country like the Igbo. They settle and do business in almost every part of the country, and when we throw stones to other Nigerians, we endanger their lives and their businesses. The worst sets of Igbo guilty of this dangerous trend are those living outside the country. While some of them are engaged in meaningful employment, many of them are unemployed. They have become economic refugees and cultural savages. They have formed an association of hate preachers and wailing bigots. They have through actions and deeds created millions of enemies for Ndigbo in Nigeria while they waste their precious gift of time abroad doing nothing.
Last week the Vice of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo was in Afe Babalola University Ekiti State as Guest Speaker during the University’s Convocation ceremony. In the cause of his speech, he told his capacity audience the Niger Delta Avengers are not freedom fighters but those fighting for their pockets only. I saw the story on facebook and other sites on the internet. The one on Facebook caught my attention because of nearly 400 reactions as at the time I read it. I took mental note of the reactions and the names attached to it. 95% are Igbo names and they abused and called the Vice President unprintable names for speaking the truth. This is a shame. Ignorance should not be a virtue. Ignorance is a disease. Foolishness is a tragedy. This is ignorance stupid. This is mental darkness. A roaring lion kills no game. It is only a river that wants to get dried up that forgets its source. A Chinese proverb tells me that “He who blames others has a long way to go on his journey. He who blames himself is half way there. He who blames no one has arrived.”
Now, it is time for the Igbo to move on and join other Nigerians to begin the process of rebuilding Nigeria. I want Igbo Governors, elected Senators, elder statesmen, House of Reps Members, House of Assembly members, political leaders, traditional rulers, Igbo intellectuals, professionals, market leaders, town union leaders, village heads, etc. to rise up to defend the integrity and honor of Igbo race. Are these ignorant ones who preach hate speaking for us? Are they representing us? Are they our brightest and bests? Are those asking for Biafra and using it as business venture speaking for all of us? Have we taken a look at the situation in South Sudan today? Shall we continue to sleep pretending that all is well? Can we be honest enough to see the real danger ahead? For how long will our leaders continue to be silent on these weighty issues? Can elders continue to sleep while the kids wear snakes as necklaces? Can the young teach tradition to the old? Who will bell the cat in Igboland? Who will call the ignorant kids to order?
Did the Yoruba go to war when June 12 1993 Presidential Election won by their illustrious son Chief MKO Abiola was annulled on June 23rd 1993 on a sheet of paper by IBB? Did Yoruba go to war when Abiola’s wife Alhaja Kudirat Abiola was murdered in Lagos in the morning of Jun 4 1996? Did Yoruba go to war when the winner of that historic election was poisoned on July 7 1998? Did Yoruba go to war when those who killed Abiola imposed Obasanjo on them as President in 1999? Did Yoruba accept Chief Ernest Shonekan when IBB made him to head the interim government in 1993? Yoruba rejected OBJ and Shonekan because this unique race has never been slaves to public office and yet they have remained number one in Nigeria in almost everything. This is wisdom and strategic thinking at work.
Those of us who have lived in Yoruba land for years should not only learn how to wear Aso Ebi, eat Ewedu soup or dance Owambe, music.
We must have also learned other unique things from them like sharing property to both male and female children, religious tolerance, ethnic tolerance, transferring legacies from generation to generation. Do you know that APC National Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s wife is a Christian? Do you know that former Governor Fashola’s wife is a Christian? We can learn a lot from Yoruba. Yoruba too can learn from Igbo in areas of thinking home, business enterprise, self-help, apprenticeship, etc.
A Yoruba woman, a Pastor Mrs. Eunice Olawale Elisha of the Redeemed Christian Church of God old NEPA Road Phase 4 Kubwa, Abuja was killed by unknown persons on Saturday morning of July 9, 2016, while preaching the gospel around 5.30am. I have followed the reactions on the internet and Yoruba do not behave like the Igbo. They have been speaking but not preaching hate. They have called for the culprits to be fished out, prosecuted and punished. If Mrs. Eunice Elisha had been an Igbo hell would have been let loose. There would have been abuses and abuses. But Yoruba are not Igbo. This is civilization. This is strategic thinking. I hope our people can learn from this. Civility is not a sign of weakness.
To have ears is not to listen, to listen is not to hear, to hear is not to understand, to understand is not to put to practice. I know that writing this may not get me many friends among the Igbo, but it always gets me the right ones.
Case Rested!
Joe Igbokwe

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