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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Oke'Badan Radio and Television set to hit airwaves in January 2018 -Wole Arisekola

Wole Arisekola
Wole Arisekola...coming with 'Oke'badan' Radio and Television...
On 14th of August 2017 federal authorities in Nigeria approved the licence applications for the establishment of  much awaited broadcast outfits in Ibadan, felicitations and warm greetings have since  been pouring in from corners of the globe to welcome the brand new Oke'badan Radio and Television. Reports indicate that things are looking really rosy for debonair Ibadan-born businessman, Wole Arisekola as he added another feather to his cap by securing radio and television licenses from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The well traveled and respectable businessman who confirmed this to PMParrot on Monday evening said he got the licenses under the trade name Street Journal Nigeria Limited.

Media and business impresario Wole Arisekola the erstwhile President of Nigeria Union of Journalists Europe chapter (NUJE) and publisher of Street Journal   who is also  known offline and online as Wole StreetJournal  added, “we will call our broadcasting outfit ‘Oke’Badan Radio and Television’.”
He added “By God’s grace, we plan to be on air by January, 2018 and we are hoping to start from Mokola hill in the heart of Ibadan.”

Wole Arisekola’s passion, commitment and determination towards making Nigeria better is quite impressive. He is always guided and inspired by the burning desire that Nigeria can definitely and would still be a better place to live in.

Among the congratulatory messages pouring in at press time:  ''You are indeed a leader on a mission to activate a vision, keep on keeping on'' sent by Chief Femi Davies, publisher of Metronews.

A congratulatory message from the Acting President of NUJ Europe, Prince Lashley Oladigbolu who also described Wole Streetjournal, the Chairman of Association of Online Media Practitioners of Nigeria (AMPON) as a frontliner of investigative journalism who has been upholding and promoting postiveness among patriotic Nigerians. ''Oke'Badan Radio and Television will promote standards and excellence in media broadcast services'', he stated.

 Wole Arisekola’s businesses are vast and successful and he runs them from Dublin, New York, London, Abuja and Lagos.

Wole, just like others who attended Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan is set to take over the broadcasting world in Nigeria.

Stay with us for more details on this upwardly mobile Nigerian and what he does.

Packaged by Olayinka Agboola

Monday, 14 August 2017

Editorial: News Agency of Nigeria and Copyright Breach.

News Agency of Nigeria  & Copyright Breach.

There is no argument in the fact that the agency is overrated in the media glare as sole distributor responsible for providing the news contents for its subscribed local media operators in Nigeria.

In a Punch news item captioned "Chelsea  treating me like a criminal -Costa" published on Monday 14th August, 2017,  credited to *News Agency of Nigeria* the claws and flaws of copyright are hanging on the neck of NAN for not professing that the news content is an exclusive interview story by the *UK Daily Mail* published same day, upon sending her team of professionals on a worthy and expensive journey to the remote town of Largarto in Brazil where Diego Costa is living with his parent.

The Punch newspaper has done what it takes professionally to indicate NAN as its source, however the news republished by the agency is devoid of copyright rules. No credit is given to Daily Mail UK.

Is NAN by this act different from bloggers and journalists who are often threatened for using its news items without due copyright compliance?

NUJ Europe Chapter.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

President Buhari is ready to go home after treatment in UK

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has said he feels ready to return home after medical treatment in the UK, and is awaiting his doctor's permission.

The African leader has recently faced questions at home over whether he is well enough to run the country.

Since the start of 2017 he has spent more time in the UK than in Nigeria.

His current period of sick leave is the second this year, after a stint from January to March. The nature of his illness has not been disclosed.

"I feel I could go home, but the doctors are in charge," Mr Buhari said in a statement. "I've now learnt to obey orders, rather than be obeyed."

He added that there had been a "tremendous improvement" in his health.

Some protesters in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, have demanded the president's resignation this week. Others called for more transparency about his condition.

Image copyrightAFP/GETTY IMAGESImage captionSome Nigerians have urged their president to return - or resign

When Mr Buhari first went to London for treatment in June 2016, his office said it was for a persistent ear infection.

His main opponents in Nigeria's 2015 election had claimed he had prostate cancer - which he denied.

Photos released by the presidency show the 74-year-old standing outdoors in sunglasses and smiling as he holds a "Get well soon" card.

Mr Buhari has appointed his deputy, Yemi Osinbajo, to carry out his duties in his absence.

Media captionA Nigerian state governor said Mr Buhari was "very, very ok" after meeting him

The leader's medical challenges have sparked speculation in Nigeria about whether he will be fit to seek a second term in 2019.

If he does not stand for re-election, observers say, it could prompt tensions between factions in the largely Muslim north and mostly Christian south.

The health of Nigeria's leaders has been a sensitive topic since 2010, when President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua died in office after months of treatment overseas.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Buhari can stay beyond 90 days abroad, Charly Boy, others are getting it wrong. -Dr Ajulo

Buhari's Health: Charly Boy, others are getting it wrong.
     - Dr. Ajulo
A constitutional lawyer Dr. Kayode Olukayode Ajulo says the so called 90 days limit for which the President can be away is a farce and not constitutional.
Speaking with FRCN Politics Editor Victorson Agbenson in Abuja, Dr Ajulo said those currently protesting against the President's absence were doing so ignorantly.
He said the 1999 constitution has
no limit as to the period the President could be away.
Dr. Ajulo maintained that the President Mohammadu Buhari had done the needful by handing over power to his deputy, vice President Yemi Osinbajo.
He explained that the president can only resign at his discretion or if his cabinet invokes section 144 of the constitution which stipulates that  two third members of the Federal executive council could site reasons of incapacitation after medical examination by a duly set up medical board.
Affirming his statement in a phone interview with Acting President of NUJEurope, Prince Lashley Oladigbolu in London Dr Ajulo stressed that the provision of Nigerian constitution identifies permanent incapacitation that may preclude provocation of Section 144 for resignation or termination of office.
Dr. Ajulo said the ongoing protests could be interpreted broadly as treason as it may be said to be calling for regime change by unconstitutional means.
Dr. Ajulo who participated in the protest during the days of ailing late president Umaru Musa Yar' Adua said the current circumstance was very different since the president duly handed over power before leaving.
By Victors on Agbenson, Abuja

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