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Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Nigerian Minister of Industry, Trade and Industry
Olusegun Aganga, Minister for Industry, Trade and Indusrty
Global MINT Value: Nigeria growing economy at par with Mexico, India and Turkey!


Nigerians are assuredly guaranteed of benefitting from the present huge economic gains and growth recorded in the past few years. Minister of Industry, Trade and Investments , Dr Olusegun Aganga emphasised this at the recent Honorary International Investors Council (HIIC ) meeting held in London.
At the Press brief chaired by Baroness Lynda Chalker, it was revealed that huge economic opportunities abound in Nigeria and the economic gains are attributed to the stable exchange rate, local investments and foreign reserves that are accumulated to the tune of $45 billion among others.
Explaining further, Dr Aganga disclosed to Nigeria Union Of Journalists Europe, NUJE that Aliko Dangote, a major local investor, has invested $9 billion in an integrated petrochemical business that Nigeria would not need to import petroleum related products from anywhere in the world again.Stressing that Dangote’s investments into local economy are evidence in the Nigeria’s boasting of one of the largest cement factories in the world. According to him, Nigeria will be exporting 39 megatons of cement by middle of 2014.
‘We urge Nigerians to evaluate the micro scale enterprise as they will key-in into larger enterprises.We have made provisions for easier access to land, financing private equities and also enhanced Nigerian legal security to investors’’. Said, Dr Aganga.
The Council however made notes on the issues of oil theft and hinted that concerted efforts are being made to curbing the threats of oil piracy.
The Minister, while answering to questions at the council meeting expressed that excess from crude oil accounts are being used to diversify economic potentials in other sectors. Stressing that Nigerians will, by this year, benefitting from the broad based privatisation of the power sector.
Reiterating the progress of the bi-annual meeting of the Honorary International Investors Council over its inception the brief panel maintained that the composition of expertise stakeholders otherwise, the brainiest have been adding immeasurable values to Nigeria. The Council members share experiences with Nigeria and serve as advisory to the Nigerian President on the long term economic policies and sustainable investment opportunities. HIIC has become a framework that governors are being summoned to listen to many of the council's submission. It was hinted the birth of Lagos as economy hub of Nigeria came as a brainstorm of ideas by economic experts who look inwardly into the future. Members of the Nigeria’s HIIC include Brazil, North Korea and few other European and African countries.
At the press brief the Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku acknowledged the support of OECD and DFID and other foreign councils in their committed efforts to support Nigeria. Mr Maku explained that collective efforts have been yielding positive results in the security and that media comprehensive reports about Nigeria’s security are being done. Emphasisng that steps taken and strategies employed were made with caution with utmost respect for human rights.
The Chairman of Nigerian Investments Promotion Council NIPC, Engr. Mustafa Bello stressed that economic growth of Africa, especially from Nigeria’s investments was tantamount to the growth to be felt in Europe. Engr. Bello disclosed that Nigerians are always being prioritised to be beneficiaries of massive opportunities and successes of the economic upshot. He said company registration and finance by equity are being reviewed and Nigerians with adequate skills from different walk of life are welcome to come and tap the easier access to wealth creation in the country.
Mrs Omobola Johnson, the Minister for Information, Communication and Technology while giving kudos to President Goodluck Jonathan for his insights at first creating the ministry said the high tech-approach in Nigeria is greatly supporting average economic growth making Nigeria the hub of ICT in Africa. She claimed that her ministry is open to help a number of young people in Nigeria to further enhance their ICT skills training and knowledge. Mrs Johnson however hinted that at least 37 Israeli firms are working on how to help the country on this.

Lashley Oladigbolu , the Acting Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists Europe Chapter, NUJE writes from London.

Mandatory Credit is advised by writer.

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Olusegun AgangaNUJEurope interviews Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment Dr. 'Segun Aganga at HIIC London 2013 , Exposing Huge Economic Opportunities Abound In Nigeria. In the video background are Mr Labaran Maku, the minister for INFORMATION NIGERIA , Federal Ministry of Information, Nigeria Mr.Labaran Maku; Nigerian Investments Promotion, NIPC Engr. Mustafa Bello; Ben Tellevision CEO, Alistair Soyode; The ActingNational Chairman, NUJEurope, Lashley Oladigbolu among others.

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