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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Opinion: Nigeria Must Not Send Ebola Volunteers To West Africa.

These are the reasons why no a single Nigerian volunteers should go to Ebola endemic west African countries.

I am against this Commando move of Nigeria sending her first set of 250 volunteers to other parts of West Africa hit by the Ebola . Its definitely a suicidal mission that have no gain.

My reasons are as follows;

1. Fellow African nations and their envious senseless citizens NEVER appreciated Nigeria's assistance in the past. Example; South Africa, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Chad, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Mali, Sudan and many more

2. Nigeria survived the Ebola spread because non of the Northern Nigeria states contacted it. Had it been any of the Northern states contacted the virus, the Nigerian Ebola story could have been worst than Liberia. Hence, most of these west African countries shares illiteracy attitude in common with the Northern region of Nigeria. Main reason why Ebola spread like wild fire there, and trying to assist them is like going on suicide mission.

3. Nigeria is  facing so many challenges at home which need to be solved. Hence, Nigeria need not to part take on a mission that will complicate her challenges. Nigeria leaders should try first to solve the problems the country is facing before going to other countries to make names.

4. Look at the issue of insecurity, is any country sincerely helping Nigeria? Even to buy arms from other countries to fight terrorists in Nigeria have been a huge challenge. US said no. South Africa said no, and have been making us look foolish before the world. 

5. There will be deadliest Ebola chapter two if Nigeria refused to take serious caution by not putting red alert on its porous borders, and insist on sending innocent Nigerians to the affected places. If the volunteers finally arrived Nigeria with the virus, it will be hard for any country to agree that Nigeria is Ebola free.

6. No matter how Nigeria tries to help other countries in Africa, these countries will not stop killing and insulting Nigerians. South Africa case should be an eye opener to those running the affairs of Nigeria.

Think Nigeria first !

This opinion was written by:
Henry Uche Iwuanyanwu

Sydey, Australia.

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