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Saturday, 15 November 2014

2:0 - In Return Match Nigeria Defeated Congo

After a dull first half, Eagles came back to life and defeated a stubborn Congo side by two goals to nil.

The game had begun with the host side empowered by the legendary coach, Claude Le roy who made it known to his players that they stood a chance against the Eagles after defeating the Eagles 2-3 in Calabar.

Therefore the Congolese pressured the Eagles off the ball and dictated the pace of the game all through the first half.

The Eagles did not help out as their direct ball strategy just gave the ball back to the Congolese time and time again.

The second half started off well as the Eagles attempted to play the ball more, but it went sour when Akpan had to go off with an arm problem, he was then replaced by pacy and energetic Sone Aluko.

Then by the 57 minute, Mikel threaded the ball to a running Emenike who was brought down by the Congolese goalkeeper.

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Ike Uche calmly sealed his return to the squad by placing the ball into the net.

Then immediately Congo won a shady penalty, as Oboabona was judged to have handled the ball off a Congo corner.

And once again he proved he can
But Enyeama stepped up dived to his right and saved the ball.

Nigeria then had to rely on the counter as Congo started to push for an Equalizer.

Ike Uche did a terrific job holding up the ball for the on rushing Musa and Aluko.

This went on as Congo forced their way but did not test Enyeama until the 88th minute when off a Congolese freekick which no one could get their head on, Enyeama had to make another terrific save.

Mikel was visibly upset with the mix up and was seen angrily telling Onazi and Egwukwe off.

Mikel pissed about Eagles positioning on defence
Eagles then pushed off for the counter and and as the ball fell to China based Aaron Samuel at the wing, he calmly curled the ball into the Congo net.

With added time still not played, The referee had to call the game off as Congo fans started to riot.

This result places Eagles on the 2nd position with 7 points, same as Congo.

South Africa lead the group with 11 points after beating Sudan 2-1.

Below is this is the Match play by play.....

The game is called, Eagles win 0-2.

The game has been on pause since the game due to rioting from the Congolese fans visibly upset.

89 mins: Aaron Samuel scores after beautifully curling the ball past the Congolese keeper.


89 Mins: Enyeama does it again as he pushes the ball away from.

88 mins: Salami  Immediately causing problems for the Congolese defence with his physicality.

85 mins: The Congolese keep on pilling up the pressure as Eagles bring on Salami for Musa.

Congo’s attackers now flopping hoping for a corner.

82 mins: Another Corner for Congo.

81 mins: Nigeria’s defence holds up to the Congo attacks.

79 mins: One more handball grants the Congolese atack a freekick which Enyeama punches away to start a counter after Uche controls the ball beautifully to release Musa who runs into a Congo defender.

78 min: Aluko runs the Congolese defence, his pull back is excellent to the waiting Uche, who blasts the ball over the bar.

77 mins: Aluko’s shot sails into the keeper’s arm.

75 mins: Nigeria now working the ball better from the midfield.

71 mins: Uche giving Congo some headache with his runs at the defence.

70 mins: Off the corner, Eagles blow the opportunity to counter as they have 2 0n 2

Aaron Samuel comes in for Emenike.

69 mins: Oboabona hits the ball away, corner.

67 mins: Onazi is yellow carded for a seemingly fair challenge.

65 mins: Mikel releases Musa who is one on one, but he can’t raise the ball over the advancing Congo keeper.

64 mins: Congo  missses the penalty, Enyeama with a wonderful first class save to deny the penalty.

62 mins: Corner is not cleared and is hit straight towards the Eagles net, Oboabona is judged to have handled the ball, penalty to Congo.

62 mins: Onazi’s clears the ball, corner for Congo.

60 mins: Eagles now playing more careful, waiting for the counter.

Eagles lead 1-0

58 mins: Ike Uche steps up…GOAAAAAALLLLL

57 mins: Emenike is brought down by the keeper off a Mikel through ball.

Penalty  To Nigeria

54 mins: Emenike is infuriated with the referee over continuous fouling on him

Sone Aluko comes in for the injured Akpan.

Eagles medical chief signals to the bench for a substitution.

49 mins: Akpan goes down grabbing his arm, stretched off. Enyeama kicks the ball out

48 mins: Eagles now attempting to mount pressure on the Congolese backline.

2nd Half begins: Eagles need to play better to stand any chance qualifying.

Half Time: Eagles have played a terrible game so far, with no creative instincts in attack, do you believe our direct ball mentality can win us the game?

42 mins: once again keeps picking Eagles apart from the midfield.

41 mins: Congo pilling up the pressure now, The corner they won is directed off , goal kick Nigeria.

40 mins: Musa Onazi and Emenike fails to combine well on the counter, still scoreless.

37 mins: Congo’s number 10 plays a one two and is now one on one with Enyeama who covers his near post fantastically.

37 mins: Musa and Emenike waste a Mikel corner.

35 mins: Congo builds the ball wonderfully but the team fails to get the final killer pass off.

33 mins: Ike Uche almost gets his head onto a direct ball but the keeper is there to save the day for Congo.

32 mins:Azubuike attempts another long ball which goes out for a throw in for the 3rd time today.

Meanwhile Congo building from the flanges.

29 mins: Eagles still trying the direct ball to the strikers strategy but yet to get one chance from it.

26 mins: still 0-0

25 mins: Mikel’s ability to create in midfield being affected by the Congolese pressure defence.

22 mins: Ambrosse’s challenge grants Congo a free kick in a dangerous area.

20 mins: Mikel finds Emenike in space but his shot is knocked into a corner by the goal keeper, Mikel can’t placed his header on target.

19 Mins: Congo playing calm and collected on the ball.

17 mins: Oboabona can’t connect his header from a Musa won corner.

15 mins: Congo wins a corner of Azubuike but Enyeama flaps the ball away, throw in.

13 Mins: Musa works his way in to the 18 yard line but can’t pull the ball back in time. Goal kick Congo.

12 Mins: Congo’s number 10 shoots a curling effort but the shot is watched wide by Enyeama.

10 mins: Congo doing a good job so far in closing out Eagles midfield with pace.

9 mins: Uche goes past three defenders and tries a chip which is picked up by the Congolese keeper.

8 mins: Musa Complains to the ref of being ruffed up by the Congo defence but the ref is having none of it.

8 mins: Corner goes all the way out for a throw in.

7 Mins: Congo wins a corner as their striker beats Egwukwe with pace.

6 Mins: Mikel takes it but is defended out, Uche wins Nigeria a corner which is defended out.

6 mins: Musa wins an Advantageous freekick off a Congo high leg.

3 Mins: Egwuekwe is left with a bloody face after he collides his head with a Congo player as they attempt to win a header.

2 mins: Uche attacks down the left flank and gets free, his pull back cross to Mikel is good but the Chelsea man blasts it over.

1 mins: Congo Applying pressure from the get go, Efe Ambrose loses the ball but the Congolesse number 13 shot is parried into the air by Enyeama.

Nigeria kick off from the left to right side of the pitch.

Nigeria’s Super Eagles Are involved in a do or die game against Congo, but before the Congolesse allow the Eagles into the game, they Eagles all had to go through tests for Ebola. Three times: stepping out of aircraft, before and after clearing Custom & Immigration.

By Colins Udoh who also writes

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