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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Election Updates: Card readers fail to verify President's PVC, allowed to vote

Breaking: INEC website hacked! Investigation on-going, INEC announces!

The Independent National Electoral Commission conducting the voting exercise in Nigeria on Saturday announced that its website has been hacked! This was communicated via its verified social media handle @inecnigeria barely two hours into the presidential poll. However the accreditation process of electorates who have Permanent Voters Card,PVC  are said to be smoothly conducted across Nigeria except in few cases where issues relating to Card Readers inability to verify some voters
PVC have been detected.

The INEC said that attempts to stall the workings of its website has nothing to do with any technical issue relating to Card reader. The electoral body maintained that they have been working to bring the website back."We are aware of the recent hack of our @inecnigeria website, we are currently investigating this incident
#NigeriaDecides" INEC posted via Twitter.
INEC website back! Fully working as normal.
Meanwhile, a notorious group nicknamed Naija Cyber Army, NCA claimed responsibility for the ulterior action of stalling the INEC website for an hour.
On the card reader issue, If card reader not working, advise INEC officials to remove protective film on the lense #NigeriaDecides @nujenews
Pls tweet or we tweet your observation to INEC. The film on the readers inhibiting as claimed by many who shared same experience. #NigeriaDecide

The INEC website has since been fixed and fully back working as normal. The news went wild as NUJ EUROPE first posted the alert via its BBM channel.

Why Card readers fail to verify President's PVC. Read more on  #Nigeriadecides follow more at  @nujenewsWhy Card readers fail to verify President's PVC. Read more on  #Nigeriadecides @nujenews

Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan was appearing at the polling both in his ward to be accredited  earlier today and  could not be verified with the fourth card reader after the first 3 failed @nujenews reports #NigeriaDecides

As Card Reader Fails to Verify Jonathan's PVC!

President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife were at Unit 30, Ward 13 in Otuoke, Bayelsa State to be accredited to vote. The President's mother was also at the unit.
The President however had to endure a waiting period as 4 card readers had to be tried in order to verify his card. At the end of it, both the President and the First Lady's cards could not be verified.

The President called on all Nigerians to persevere.
Incidentally, other voters were accredited at the polling unit without any hitch.
The Anchor Online gathered that the President would be allowed to vote since the electoral officer there can identify him and his wife.
They left and came back around 11 am when they were accredited using the incidence report register. 
The process should normally take about 1 minute.
• Voting will be by Open Secret Ballot System.
• Your vote is secret because no one will see which candidate you choose.
You will mark your ballot behind a polling screen secretly.
Apply your finger print only in one circle/space which corresponds to the candidate of your choice.
• At the commencement of voting, the PO shall
On presentation of voter’s card, the PC shall:
• Check appropriate cuticle thumbnail of voter,
and when he is satisfied that the person has been duly accredited, he shall tick voters’ register, apply indelible ink on the cuticle of the voter’s appropriate thumbnail.
Voters who have no Right/Left hand, the PA shall:
• Apply the ink to the corresponding toes of the voter’s Right/Left foot Voters who have neither fingers nor toes:
• Ink shall be applied on the corresponding toes of the persons assisting them.
The voter shall present himself to the Polling official (PO)
The PO shall stamp and sign the back of ballot paper.
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Thank you for all your reports,  the INEC Nigeria are escalating them. Please include #NigeriaDecides and your location in your tweets.    
       "@inecnigeria: Do you have reports or inquiries to make? Call INEC now on 0700-CALL-INEC i.e. 070022554632 #Nigeriadecides"

Please remember to be location specific when tweeting i.e. State, LGA and PU #Nigeriadecides

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