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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Battle Front Action Video: See Civillian Joint Task Forces With Nigerian Army Fighting Boko Haram in Kukawa!


VIDEO: Nigerian Army, Civilian-JTF Pounding Boko Haram in Kukawa.

 This is the ultimate video from the battle against Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria’s north. Nigeria recaptured Kukawa on March 2nd of 2015 after a tense battle with Boko Haram/ISIS.
The Boko Haram terrorists have killed over hundred thousand Nigerians in the nation’s mainly Muslim north. Recently, this January the terrorists killed over 2000 defenseless citizens in the Baga Muslim town and environs. The terrorists also recently made global headlines after abducting over 200 girls from a girls school in a mainly Christian Chibok community.
In this video, Nigerian troops with dozens of Civilian-JTF patriot forces are seen in the final stages of of the Kukawa war, pounding remnant Boko Haram positions.
The Civilain-JTF are young men and boys who ride along with the Nigerian army and have been a fundamental part of the victory against terror. They are seen in the video kitting themselves with Boko Haram terrorist uniforms and also gathering and offering these to Nigerian army soldiers who asked for gear.
Jonathan government has been accused of not supporting the Nigerian military and totally ignoring the Civilian-JTF who both have saved the nation from complete destruction by Boko Haram. According to Abusidiqu, an online news blog "Jonathan administration has just come under fire for spending over $400 a day to pay South African mercenaries while the Civilian-JTF do not even get recognition and a thank you from Jonathan and they and the army remain poorly equipped with the Civilian volunteers not even being compensated and the Nigerian army soldiers being owed wages." 

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