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Friday, 27 March 2015

My Choice Between Volkswagon Beetle And a Six years old Toyota Camry

Presidential Election in my Country, Nigeria is less that 24 hours away, as a lawyer, I know what the law says about campaign at this hour as I also remember a popular German automobile.

In my part of Nigeria we called it Ijapa (tortoise)

I first had a ride in it when my brother came with one from school, it was his first. As a matter of fact, the Beetle was a first car for many youths before my time in the 70's & 80's. More so, for it's affordability rather than its look.

And so, it was well cherished at the time. But time soon changed and it was no longer cool to drive around in a rear-engine, four-seater, two-door car.

I drove Suzuki sidekick as a undergraduate in the 90's.

I doubt very much that even today's college students would want to be caught dead driving a Beetle with no AC, had manual transmission and even the windows had to be cranked manually.

Especially, when given a choice between that and its modern survivor, the Bug or any other car in today's world which come standard with automatic transmission, power steering, power windows, remote entry, not to mention backup camera, heated seats, GPS, etc.

I have brothers and sisters who are university students in Nigeria. I can imagine how they would feel if they're offered Beetle, our Ijapa, which by the way has to be used, since they stopped producing this car a long time ago.

So, folks as you go out to vote on Saturday, don't chose a Beetle, Ijapa! Maybe, you currently drive a six year old Toyota Camry that's running a little slow. And, yes, you'd rather drive a Lincoln MKZ but that option is not on the table at the moment. Please don't go back to driving a Volkswagen Beetle . They don't even make the parts any more and I doubt if today's mechanics still remember how to fix the it should it break down.

I've heard some people say they'd rather take their chances. But is it worth the risk? I mean, what happens when your good old Beetle gets a blown head gasket? Or when even something as little as a fuel pump goes out? Won't you be left stranded in the middle of the road?

Vote wisely!

Dated 27th March, 2015

Olukayode AJULO, ESQ.
Castle of Faith,
Iyayi Quarters,
Ondo State

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