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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Nigeria election: Jonathan and Buhari sign peace deal

Goodluck Jonathan, Abdussalami Abubaker and Muhammadu Buhari (26 March 2015)
President Jonathan (L) is facing a strong challenge from Gen Buhari (R)
Nigeria's two main presidential candidates have signed a peace accord to prevent violence in tightly contested elections due on Saturday.
Ex-military ruler Abdussalami Abubaker brokered the deal in talks between President Goodluck Jonathan and his main challenger Muhammadu Buhari.
Nigeria's Peace Committee raised concerns on Monday that campaigning had been marred by hate speech.
Some 800 people were killed after the disputed 2011 elections.
Mr Jonathan is facing a strong challenge from Gen Buhari, with some analysts predicting a photo-finish.
In 2011, official figures said Mr Jonathan won by a wide margin.
Gen Buhari said those results were fraudulent, and violence broke out in his mainly northern strongholds.
On Wednesday, Nigeria's government ordered the closure of all land and sea borders to ensure a peaceful election.

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