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Wednesday, 25 March 2015


The Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has been told to be gallant enough to honorably accept defeat instead of bandying highfaluting slogans and threatening fire-and-brimstone over imaginary Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rigging plot. This was contained in letter written in Abuja on Wednesday by the National Scribe of the Labour Party Dr. (Barr) Olukayode Ajulo to the APC Presidential Candidate, Gen. M. Buhari.
“Events in recent times have not only revealed your party's (APC) desperation to clinch power at all costs, but also revealed that such tall ambition has fallen flat in the face of the real aspiration of the ordinary Nigerian.
The anticorruption garment in which you (Buhari) has being paraded round having been shown to be none but an Emperor’s garment and the tailor that sowed this garment having himself been exposed as a most unworthy clothier, your party the APC has now resorted to
barefaced stratagem of war-mongering.
The preparation for mayhem is being perfected as exemplified in the establishment of a ‘rebel radio’ dubbed APC Change Radio, which broadcast only in Hausa as Radio Changi. “
According to the letter, “the Radio Changi, though ostensibly meant to galvanize support for you (Buhari), is actually an instrument of hate meant to beam out misinformation and base propaganda, including fake electoral victory.
"Its purpose is clearly meant to instigatve the public as had been done in the past and prime society to accept the roguish machinations of the APC and their already concocted results.”
“But that has not stopped the drive by Nigerians towards transformation and real change. In the Southwest, the home zone of your (Buhari) major backbone, the change fa├žade has tumbled as the people have come to the realization that their quest for true federalism and restructuring can only come to fruition on the basis of the National Conference report and not on the basis of denial of the relevance of the Confab as being championed by APC.
"In the South-South, another pillar of your  change behemoth, Gov. Rotimi Amechi is still reeling in the shock of the last minute abandonment of the foundering APC boat by his Deputy.
"In the whole of the North it is clear that the people are not really ready to put their trust in you, a man whose first coming when he was younger and supposedly more alert and self-assured projected the image of all that is detestable in a true leader.
“The reality today has given the lie to your party's claim that APC is the party of change Nigerians have been waiting for. All the other political parties which you had unwittingly referred to as mushroom parties but had tried to woo into the APC are now with President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and your party, APC has come out boldly as the real pariah party of motley aggregate of political bigots and self-acclaimed bigwigs.
"Our party, the Labour Party, which they had looked up to as a hopeful bride because it is the third largest party with elected legislators at all levels has also declared support for President Jonathan.
"It is very apparent that you're not in the first place qualified to contest, having not met the conditions. The serial loser in you must by now have learned how to savor the bile of defeat with a little syrup of clear conscience. “
Barrister Ajulo, concluded that, “The handwritings are clear on the wall; this election will not be won by grandstanding, propaganda and or falsehood.
"The people themselves will decide with their thumbprint on the ballot papers and it is expected that a someone who has risen to the enviable rank of a General of Nigerian Army must be gallant enough to accept defeat.
"You therefore need to face up to the truth and abandon vainglory and illusory victory for the reality of defeat.”

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