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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tensed Reactions Trail Acknowledgement Letter From ICC Over Allegations Against Patience Jonathan!

Mrs Patience Jonathan
In a Press Release received by Nigeria Union of Journalists Europe (NUJE) earlier on Monday, the United Kingdom arm of the APC claimed that the International Criminal Court said it would begin investigating the wife of the president Mrs Patience Jonathan.
“The ICC based in the Hague has sent confirmation to APC UK, that an investigation will begin against Mrs Jonathan who repeatedly called for the stoning of opposition APC members as captured in the videos released earlier this month,” it said. “The criminal case investigation ICC reference number is: OTP-CR-83/15.” stated  Adenike Lucas, the  Press Secretary to APC UK.
MP Dillion, Head of Information & Evidence Unit of The Office of The Prosecution (OTP) maintained acknowledgment of  the receipt of what was referred to as 'communication' and that OTP would consider the stance of the APC and treat the allegations as appropriate. The OTP indicated in the letter dated 16th March 2015 addressed to the Co-ordinator, APC United Kingdom Mr Ade Adeleye and a copy of which subsequently sent to NUJ Europe that  the communication has been duly entered  into Communication Register of the Office and would ''give consideration to this communication, as appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, as it does with all such communications.”
In order to ensure a violence-free election, political parties signed a peace accord in January, promising to desist from all acts of violence, hate and inciting speeches.
The APC however filed a complaint before the ICC against Mrs. Jonathan for her inciting speeches, having allegedly told Nigerians at a campaign in Cross River to stone anyone who comes to the state to preach “change” – the mantra of the APC.

It would be recalled that Director-General of the APC Presidential Campaign Organization, Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State had last week signed the petition against the First Lady, alleging incitement during her recent campaign speeches in some sections of the country.

NUJ Europe further investigations over the matter have not received any response from any parties concerned. It was gathered from some political observers that APC might be using the ICC letter of acknowledgement as attempts to heat up the polity and  a political gimmick to win sympathy among Nigerian voters who are expecting to go to polls in March 28. The National Secretary of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  Mr Olisa Metuh  was yet to react to the media outpour over the acnowledgement letter received by APC UK as at the press time.

          Reactions Among Nigerians over the acknowlegement letter from ICC

''Where were the ICC and the so-called prosecutors when Buhari instigated violence by saying the dogs and baboons will be soaked with blood if he loses the 2011 general election, and we all saw the effect of that statement. ICC couldn't prosecute serious statement such as this and is planning to prosecute people who just said minor things. It's like you guys don't know what you are doing. And please respect yourself and don't allow sentimental and do or die nigerian APC politicians to drag you into their selfish agenda''
 ''We have a copy of the spurious ICC acknowledgement of the dumb letter submitted by APC against Mama Peace! Fools are now rejoicing! Even if you submitted a toilet paper or any bogus petition,it must be officially acknowledged, that is called professional courtesy! Aside, it amounts to judicial rascality to abandon all the courts in Nigeria and rush to ICC, it sparks of abject illiteracy, wanton ignoramus and acts of a meddlesome interloper! Tell them, it is an exercise in futility.''

''Rotimii Amaechi, I think you're a mudslinger trying to distract the citizenry of this great nation.Maybe I should ask if ICC is for Africa alone.Where's ICC when probably as a result of Buhari's statement in 2011, many of his supporters went on rampage destroying lives and properties? Where is ICC when Buhari said the 'dogs and baboons will soak in blood'.Where is ICC when Gwarzo said he would turn Nigeria into Africa's biggest refugee camp.I think APC is getting it all wrong.If you think the odds are now against you,then you can throw in the towel and work together with fellow political gladiators to move Nigeria forward rather than heating up the polity.When peradventure what you people are looking for happens,there may not be any hiding place for anyone of you. You can run,but you can't hide.Then,this same ICC may fish you out. Then you'll realise there'll be no peace for the wicked.You had better give politics a human face now. A stich in time saves nine.You should have a rethink now. Whatever is making you feel so exaggerated now will disappoint you then.I tell you, those who the gods want to kill are first made to go mad.''

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