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Friday, 24 April 2015

APC as a 'New PDP' should Focus on Programs of Action, Labour Party Warned

Labour Party Nigeria National Secretary, Barrister Olukayode Ajulo

The Labour Party has urged the All Progressives Congress APC to be more focused on program of action instead of making anti-democratic pronouncements while pretending to be democratic.
This was contained in a statement issued on Friday by the National Scribe of the Party, Barrister Kayode Ajulo in response to the recently reported ban on influx of People's Democratic Party, PDP members to the APC.

According to Barrister Ajulo, "the statement issued by the National Publicity Secretary of APC shows that the party is bereft of knowledge of rules and norms guiding party membership. For the avoidance of doubt, no registered party under the Constitution has the power to shut its doors against Nigerians. And in any case, it is rather preposterous that an APC that was cobbled out of a motley array of parties, including defectors from PDP is now the one pretending as if it is different from PDP. "

"We stand to be corrected that many in APC who now pride themselves as progressives were actually former PDP kingpins. Senator Bukola Saraki, Mallam El-Rufai, Governor Rotimi Amaechi, Barnabas Gemade, Jeremiah Useni and a host of others were staunch PDP leaders."
"For us in the Labour Party, the APC is nothing more than the New PDP. It is indeed interesting that a party like APC with antecedent of political prostitution, transfiguration and serial metamorphosis is now the one coming out to play Mister Clean".
According to Barrister Ajulo " the history of the core of APC has been that of migration from platform to platform and donning of ever changing Toga. A break away from the original PDP at its birth in 1998, the party first emerged in its infancy as Alliance for Democracy (AD), then in 2006 it became Action Congress (AC), in 2010 Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) before again finally becoming APC. Nigerian political history has not shown a more unstable platform than this gargoyle of a party."
Barrister K Ajulo
"Instead of engaging in distractions and frivolities, our advice to APC is that they should pay more attention to how to fulfill their campaign promises. The APC should advise its leadership and the President-elect to be more focused on program of action instead of making dictatorial and anti-democratic pronouncements. It is obvious from the attack on the PDP that the APC is merely trying to cover up its quest to make Nigeria a one-party state."
The statement further reads "a party that wooed to its ranks on the eve of election two sitting governors and deputy governor cannot now come out as champion of purity of platform. Like everything about this party, that is another marketing strategy. They are merely trying to condition and psychologically bully Nigerians into believing that everybody wants to be part of APC, which is far from the truth. In the real sense, this party of pretenders and chameleons is ambling towards one party state and civilian dictatorship."
Barrister Ajulo mainatained that his party know the signs and they have seen the signs, and urged Nigerian masses to wake up to this knowledge.

"On our part in the Labour Party, we are convinced that what Nigeria needs most at this time in our history is not the political shenanigans that hold sway, but rather robust ruling party and robust opposition, and we are not going to be found wanting." Labour Party scribe concluded.

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