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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Countries With Birthright Citizenships - LAMZAT Special



Curiously, citizenship in Nigeria is not by birth. One of the parents must be a citizen for the child to be a citizen of Nigeria.

How many developed nations give birthright citizenship to illegal aliens and tourists? Only the United States and Canada and the following Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Jamaica, Mexico, Pakistan, Spain, Venezuela and Iran.

Canada however does NOT pay out welfare for the families of those anchor babies like the USA does. Canada law says that parents of babies born in Canada must be legal permanent residents or citizens in order to receive the money.

Practically every other western country (Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe) now requires one or both parents to be a citizen of that country before the child gets that citizenship.

Most countries ban birthright citizenship because of security threats and because of unbearable costs which take invaluable resources and burden federal, state and local budgets and taxpayers. 


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