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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Nigerians cancel tour over Xenophobia attacks, Kenyan massacre

The recent xenophobia attacks on foreigners and the massacre of Kenyan students by terrorist groups have recorded its first sports casualty, as a group of Nigerian golfers have shelved their scheduled tours of these countries.
Recently, a terrorist group, the Al Shabab, raided Ganessa University, Kenya, where they massacred about 200 students in one fell swoop, just as South Africa has been gripped by xenophobic attacks on foreigners by the indigenes, who claim that the foreigners have denied them job opportunities in their land.
Speaking on the development, Chairman of the Sunday Kitty Group of IBB International Golf and Country Club, Abuja, Sam Anyamele, said the
group decided shelve the trip even after arrangements had reached advanced stage.
“Because of what happened in Kenya where terrorists stormed a campus and killed scores of students plus the latest crisis in South Africa, everyone in the group pulled out of the golf trip to promote business and leisure. We can’t go to a place where there is no security and people are targeted because they are foreigners. Xenophobia has no place in modern world, “Anyamele stressed.
Ironically, the kitty group was planning to visit the coastal city of Durban, the epicenter of the crisis and a destination popular with Nigerian golfers.
Anyamele disclosed that the proposed visits to Senegal and the Gambia have also been shelved.
Alternatively, he said the kitty group has now resolved to patronize other clubs in Nigeria, notably Port Harcourt, Ilara Mokin and Owerri.

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