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Sunday, 17 May 2015


The Labour Party, LP, has reacted to reports of an impending merger of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, with the Labour Party and other parties such as the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, Hope Party, and KOWA Party to form a formidable mega opposition party to challenge the All Progressive Congress, APC.
Speaking with journalists on Saturday, the National Secretary of the Labour Party, Kayode Ajulo debunked the rumours as “false and diversionary”, stating that at no time whatsoever had the leadership of the party entered into merger talks with any other party.
“The rumoured talks of a merger between the Labour Party and other parties such as the PDP is a figment of the fevered imagination of some mischievous peoples. Such an issue has not been raised within the party exco at all, and neither has anyone or, any party has any agreement on the issue with us.
“It is highly irresponsible for anyone to drag the esteemed name of the Labour Party into rumours of an impending merger. If at all anyone has entered into any such talks, he is doing it strictly on his own, not in the name of the Labour Party,” the National Secretary said.
Some news reports had stated that PDP members including Governors Sule Lamido, Godswill Akpabio, Muazu Aliyu and a few other governors have been pushing for an alliance with other parties.  According to the report, other PDP chieftains such as former defence chief, Theophilus Danjuma, and former finance minister, Adamu Ciroma support the move, and have planned a special convention after the handover on May 29 where a formal merger process will start.
The report also disclosed that the merger option was being considered because the word “PDP” had become toxic and un-sellable to Nigerians and as such, it will be counterproductive to continue to use it as a viable opposition party.
The Labour Party National Secretary however affirmed that “political power or relevance for its own sake is not the goal of the Labour Party” and that the Party was committed only to the cause of the Nigerian workers and the masses in general.
“Our goal is not just to seek power or relevance; we are committed to alleviating the sufferings of all Nigerians. We are therefore prepared to work with anyone who will put the Nigerian people first, and seek to bring succor to the homes of Nigerians everywhere across the nation.
We will cooperate with any government, group and individual that shows with its policies and actions that it truly seeks to bring relief to Nigerians, that is also our desire, so it is only reasonable to cooperate with such groups, if any,” Ajulo said.
Responding to questions bordering on whether such discussions could have gone on without his knowledge, Ajulo described such a proposition as impossible.
“That cannot be,” he said. “Labour Party is a discipline party, It is impossible for anybody to consider as serious, any talks which exclude the National Secretary of the Party as well as the National Working Committee of the Party, so I can assure you that there were no such talks”.
Ajulo, who disclosed that he just returned into the country Thursday after a trip to Britain as an Accredited International Observer to monitor the just concluded general elections of 7th of May in United Kingdom, also stated he had remained in close communications with the party's National Chairman and other National  hierarchy all through his trip, and that no mention had been made of any merger talks with anyone.
“Maybe the advocates of such merger are just expressing their wishful thinking. It is my opinion that this allegation is a mere runout and nothing but a figment of their imagination,” he said

In the same vein, read an interview granted by the Labour Party Chairman.
.Buhari Has No Excuse Not To Perform- LP Chairman
Buhari Has No Excuse Not To Perform- LP Chairman
May 21, 2015

Buhari Has No Excuse Not To Perform- LP Chairman

Would you say the Nigerian workers have fared well under democratic rule?
No, the Nigerian workers have not fared well under democratic rule because we have the problem of leadership. Those in the leadership of the NLC are now trade union traders. Go to the NLC, from the general secretary to all those workers particularly; it is now that with Waba’s emergence as NLC president that he would put his patriotism to workers’ benefit. But all along, his predecessor never cared for workers and that is why he was never celebrated and will never be celebrated. The workers will regain their lost glory and vibrancy with the coming of Comrade Ayuba Waba.
What is responsible for the lethargy of the Labour Party?
Well, we have never as a party, contested for presidency of this country since our formation.
What about contest for state governorship?
The situation with us in the Labour Party is that we are a bit unfortunate. Our governorship candidates came from areas where rigging is part of the lives, system and arrangement of the people of the areas. That is why right from time, we believe that the National Assembly elections, Governorship and House of Assembly Elections were never credible and that is why we are at the tribunals now.
I didn’t hear you complain about the presidential election, does that mean that the presidential election was credible?
We did not contest for presidential election. The man who wears his shoe knows where it pinches and he has told us that it is not pinching him. So, I won’t be holier than the pope.
Did the defection of Governor Mimiko affect you in Labour Party?
If Mimiko had remained and spent the money we are sure that he spent on PDP on even three candidates of the Labour Party, we would have at least have three additional candidates by today. But he believed so much, his soul, his mind and life were in the PDP  and he left the Labour Party. But I will boldly say here that his leaving the Labour Party never affected us in any way.
What are your expectations from the incoming Buhari administration?
What I will say here is that the APC people who clamoured for change, who told Nigerians they wanted change and campaigned on the platform and basis of change, Nigerians have given them the authority and the mandate to come out with the changes. Let nobody now begin to tell us that he cannot perform miracle, because they told Nigerians that when they come, they would perform miracle. We will not expect Buhari to go abroad for any medical treatment. Our health system must be properly put in place, he must focus attention on it. Let them not tell us that they cannot provide jobs for our teeming youths, let them not tell us that the security lapses will continue in any manner, since they told us that they would perform miracle.
Talking about health now,   do you   think the   incoming administration of Buhari will be able to fix the health sector   to the extent that   public office   holders,   using himself as example, will   not go abroad for medical treatment?
There are certain things that we expect from Buhari to  do   urgently. Health is one, so that our people will not go abroad for treatment again. He can do it, he told us he can do it. We have the resources to do it. We have the material and human resources to do it. So, we believe he can do it if he wants to do it. Secondly, on the issue of corruption, Buhari has no excuse not to fight corruption headlong. He must first fight this corruption from those who surround him.

The Labour Party, since its formation, has not really fielded any presidential candidate for elections in the past, would you still follow this path in the 2019 presidential election?
No, we won’t go into alliance with anybody any longer. The National Executive Committee of our party has already taken that decision that we are not going into alliance with any political party in future.

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