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Saturday, 2 May 2015

How Mayweather Beat Pacquiao!

Mayweather becomes the boxer in history on Sunday as he slammed Pacquiao in Las Vegas to win welterweight World tittles.


Floyd Mayweather beats Manny Pacquiao as he remains undefeated!

Floyd Mayweather celebrates
Getty Images

"And still undefffeeeattteed," cries the announcer.
Floyd Mayweather wins on a unanimous points decision. It's scored 118-110, 116-112, 116-112

Floyd Mayweather knows how to impress the judges and his low hands are those of a showman. As Pacquiao comes in, Mayweather counters with a right. The pair clinch, Pacquiao has barely been able to engage in a clinch all night.
A minute left, Mayweather is showing off, dancing left, right, back left, he's like a slalom skier. Mayweather lifts his fist to the air as we get close to the bell, no punches of note landing. There's the bell. Boxing's greatest show is over.

Round 11

Mayweather v Pacq

Round 11 opens with an immediate straight right from Mayweather to the face of Pacquiao, a shot of encouragement and the American wants to follow that one up with a hook but it's ducked.
The confidence is oozing. He knows he is closing in on greatness. Gets in close, upper-cut lands. You could hear that one. This is now becoming a bit of a schooling. Jab from Mayweather, walks forward, jab again. There is only one man - a defensive genius - landing.

He briefly gets cornered and the blurry hands of Pacquiao release but there's no one home. It's stick or twist time for Manny. He is going to have to start diving in. The bounce in Mayweather's jump is getting higher, the guy is at ease here.

Here comes the Snapshot of Round 10

Mayweather v Pacquiao

By 05:38 UK local time, as the endurance of keeping vigil all night began to dwindle, the dou reigned blows to each other in order to alert the  audience all the world over.

"Now is the time Manny. You have nine minutes to fix up a fight you're losing, a fight you will always be remembered for.

The Filipino walks his man into a corner. A flurry follows but again it's ducked and eluded. He must be feeling the frustration. Pacquiao dives in, two-shot combo, the second with the left caught his man. Better stuff but again he is sent packing with nothing much to show for it.

Mayweather is the gatekeeper to his own brilliant defence and he ain't giving no key up easily here. Pacquiao just cannot get into that pocket of space to land anything powerful. The effort is there, the energy not what it once was and he goes back to his corner smiling. That has to be a smile of frustration."

said Luke Redy, the commentator

Round eight

Mayweather v Pacquiao

A swinging right from Pacquiao is wild and gets nothing but he lands a juicy one in the centre of the ring. Mayweather curls up like a ball to take it and absorb any follow up - none arrives.
"Manny, Manny," chant the crowd. They want a bit more from their man. My word this is tense. Mayweather leans back out of range and counters with a straight right. A very good shot. He is just doing enough time after time. Left hook from Mayweather is slappy. An almost arrogant shot, he slapped around the defence of Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather Jr v Manny Pacquiao
Getty Images

That's given him some confidence, his hands are low. Two steps forward from Pacquiao, two steps back from Mayweather. He assumed control of that round halfway through and didn't relinquish." Said Steve Bunce, a boxing expert commentator.

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