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Thursday, 7 May 2015

UK Election 2015 Updates: Compare to Nigeria Election by Bar. Kayode Ajulo

As the battle for 650 Parliamentary seats unfolds in UK.

A Nigerian accredited to monitor the UK Polls as international observer, Barrister OluKayode Olukayode Ajulo II is here today @nujenews to give us reflections as over 50 million people are exercising their voting rights to elect a new Government, 650 seats in the UK Parliament's House of Commons are up for grabs. As the UK election presents a keen competition among the parties.www,facebook,com/kayode.ajulo.1

Does Nigeria needs electoral reform ? 

Is there any adjustments in the voting system in Nigeria?  

How best to learn from the elections from advanced countries. 

 Barrister  Olukayode Ajulo  in the UK currently as an accredited International UK Election Observer would be engaging with our readers / audience on this page as he is currently observing the unfolding UK election. Read More about Kayode Ajulo

Check for his updates here......on this page!

"No Election today in the UK"

"I am accredited as an International Observer to cover today's UK Elections, somewhere in Saffron Walden in outside London while undertaking the civic observation, I met a long lost friend who told me in Yoruba language while underscoring the imperfection of any election that "ko Si ibi ti won kin ti ko adie loru" this was after I have marveled as well as praised the perfect procedures adopted in the UK elections.

While also discussing earlier this morning with the world famous and celebrated writer Dele Dele Momodu on his way to catch a flight to the U.S. he lamented that one of our banes as a Nation is the ignorance of our people hence the reason while we are yet to get our act right in Nigeria.

Honestly, no remark to make from yours sincerely. 

I am just taking notes and making discoveries. 

If one is to compare elections in UK & Great Nigeria, hmnnnnn.....

While ours is like dress rehearsal of a war or civil strive, theirs is a solemn ceremony! 

No pomp, nor pageantry, no PVC, no smart readers, no party agents, no police, no noise, no official and unofficial show of force nor armies of occupation.

Wait a minute..... Is there any election today in the UK? 

Folks, no election in the UK today, 

What I have been seeing is solemn affirmation and declaration of trust by the UK voters.

However we need not be deprived of or cease to hope. We shall surely get there one day. We shall overcome.

Elections in the UK did not start today, several Kingdoms had been lost, several freedoms curtailed and several blood shed to build a United Kingdom.

Therefore, one day, yes one day and very soon we shall have a free and viable Federal Republic of Nigeria that you and I will be proud of.

Yes, one day and very soon.
Palace of Westminster
(Bamofin Olukayode Ajulo thinking" Who you vote for in the general election today will help decide who gets a seat in the House of Commons. Voting is taking place in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for the 650 seats up for grabs. First candidate officially elected in #GE2015 is Bridget Phillipson of Labour party with 21,218 votes in Houghton & Sunderland South. About 50 million people are eligible to vote.Also Join us at BBC live updates here


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