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Friday, 12 June 2015

Snapshot: Lessons of June 12 By D-One Ayekooto



In case you were not born or you were still kids in that period of historic lessons, I witnessed it all from the beginning to the end....Here is the summary in chronological order of events.

It was IBB's Transition Programme...

The system was option A4...Complete Open Ballot System: Queue behind your choice!

Before Abiola came out to contest, IBB had banned a lot of politicians from contesting. they are Shehu Yar'adua, Olu Falae, Adamu Ciroma among others.

There were only two parties formed by IBB after he refused to register any of the existing parties formed by politicians then.

The parties are National Republican Convention (NRC) and Social Democratic Party (SDP).
SDP had 14 State Governors while NRC had 16
SDP had majority in the National Assembly and controlled both Chambers.

Abiola, Kingibe and a Yar'adua. Atiku fought for the Presidential Ticket of the SDP. It was very keen between Abiola and Kingibe.
Many SDP Governors supported Kingibe, the reason being that Kingibe was the former SDP Chairman who installed many of them.

Lamidi Adedibu and some notable SDP Leaders, during the SDP convention in Jos, prevailed on Yar'adua to withdraw his stooge Atiku from the race, so that Abiola's support can be boosted against the mighty Amb. Babangana Kingibe.

Yar'adua almost refused but Adedibu reminded him how the SW stood by him during the first primary which IBB annuled.....Even at expense of their own son, Olu Falae.

Yar'adua was physically, mentally and politically forced to remove his distracting stooge Atiku.

Abiola defeated Kingibe.

Tofa also won NRC ticket in PH.
Kingibe lobbied the Governors to force MKO to pick him as VP.

Now this is how the whole game was scuttled:

Abiola was prevailed upon to embrace sharing among different opportunistic groups.....He agreed against his will. Abiola fell for the trap.

Adedibu disagreed with Abiola and advised him against sharing powers with bitter competitors. Abiola was confused but still did not yield to Adedibu's advice.
Abiola began to share powers.

Adedibu withdrew tactically to watch the naivety!

Abiola handed over party structures to Yar'adua who eventually gave it to Aneineh.

Abiola picked his arch rival Kingibe as running mate to please the Governors.
IBB was watching!

Abiola took Kingibe to Ibadan to beg Adedibu who has decided to siddon look.
Kingibe prostrated for Adedibu in a Yoruba style in the full glare of the public.
Adedibu said 'idobale ki se iwa'...but also embraced kingibe.

That was the shaky foundation laid before June 12!


SDP's Abiola won the Presidential Election on June 12, 2003, but shortly before the final result was announced by Humphrey Nwosu the NEC Chair, IBB stooge Nzeribe 'orubebed' NEC and secured a court injunction to stop announcements of results.....A result that has been accepted by Tofa.

IBB annulled the result.

IBB announced an interim government proposal.

The leadership of the SDP agreed with IBB.

Kingibe's loyalty reduced by 90%!
Tinubu mobilized support to save democracy.

Adedibu stood by MKO

MKO lost SDP......Aneineh's men support Interim Govt.

Shonekan a kinsman of MKO defeated OBJ to become Head of ING.

Abiola went to exile.

Abiola returned from exile.

The military met Abiola and promised to help him.This time around, Adedibu and Tinubu opposed the move.

Abiola trusted Abacha.

Tinubu felt sad.
Adedidu played along.

Abacha took over.
ING was sacked! Kingibe dumped Abiola and became Foreign Affairs Minister under Abacha.

Abiola was alone...Reality beckons.
Adedibu dumped Abiola passionately and choicelessly....

Abacha sought after Tinubu's life. Tinubu went on exile.

Abiola was arrested by Abacha.

Nadeco was formed.

Abacha died

Abiola died

PDP ruled for 16 years.

APC thru the help of its enemies conquered PDP.

PDP want the power back

APC are also sharing powers.


Written by D-One Ayekooto

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