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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Aalafin of Oyo storms Oodua Voice Radio in the UK


Drops bombshell: "I will protect Yoruba cultural heritage with my last drop of blood "

His Imperial Majesty , Iku baba yeye , Aalafin of Oyo , Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi ,111, has said that he would deplore his last pint of blood to defend the cultural heritage and integrity of Yoruba race .
The Oranyan incarnate made this assurance during his visit to Oodua Voice , a radio station planted by Otunba Gani Adams in Durning Hall , Forest Gate , United kingdom ,solely for the promotion and showcasing of Yoruba Cultural heritage and value .
Oba Adeyemi in an exclusive interview with Oodua Voice crew in London said that " The Yoruba race is one of the most sophisticated of all races in the world. The race is a pathfinder in science , DNA , architecture , medicine ,mathematics , geography and IT . We have never played second fiddle in our history of social miscegenation and political sophistry "
He pointed out that " The first set of colonialists who visited the Oyo Empire were confounded by the system of government they met in Oyo . The check and balance mode planted by our forefathers was never practice anywhere in the world "
Oba Adeyemi also lamented the gradual extinction of the Yoruba values and heritage which he blamed on "a carefully planned and systematically orchestrated imposition of western culture on everything which has any link with cultural value "
Alafin of Oyo who commended Otunba Gani Adams for his efforts at raising Yoruba value described the establishment of the Ooduavoice Radio in London as "not only worth commendation and praise but an effort which tell all that there are rays in the tunnel "
Oba Adeyemi revealed "as for me , I will continued to protect and promote Yoruba Heritage till I am called by the Almighty God . I am ready and willing to defend the cultural heritage of Yoruba race even if it demands shedding my last pint of blood

  By Wale Ojo Lanre

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