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Sunday, 20 December 2015

BRISIN will solve challenges in nation’s economy, Diaspora Nigerians tell FG

Abuja, Dec. 20, 2015 (NAN)
Some Nigerians in Diaspora have urged President Muhammadu Buhari’s government to embrace the Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN) concept, in order to solve the current challenges bedevilling the country.
In separate online interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, the respondents urged the Federal Government to use BRISIN as a critical instrument of governance, to solve the unacceptable situations crippling the nation’s economy.
BRISIN is an integrated system for the collection, storage and distribution of information to support the management of the economy.
The project was initiated under the President Olusegun Obasanjo administration while the Goodluck Jonathan administration inaugurated a technical committee for its implementation.

BRISINi is targeted at tapping into all aspects of the nation’s economy and bringing about developmental and economic growth in the country through the use of data collection of people and information.
Data received will be used to plan for the management of the nation’s resources.
It is also expected to bring solutions to other aspects of the economy such as tackling insecurity, unemployment, corruption, fiscal and revenue management, social welfare services to the citizens and good governance.
Mr. Ikechukwu Ogoke who lives in Canada, told NAN that Nigeria ought to have built this system immediately after independence, adding that if it had done so, the country would have been great today.
According to him, looking at what is happening in Canada, planning and development work with accurate data and information.
``Why can’t this be the priority project of President Buhari, if actually he wants to fight corruption?'' Ogoke asked.
He expressed worry over the free fall of the naira against the dollar, with the exchange currently at N280 to the dollar at the parallel market.
In his view, Mr. Abdul Hassan who resides in New York, said that if the government focused on implementing BRISIN, virtually 90 per cent of the country's problems
would be solved.
Hassan further said that Nigeria could fight corruption and criminality as well as create employment and solve social welfare problems with integrated data.
He said that if the government embraced the BRISIN concept, Nigeria would have a strong economy because it would have the data of all
citizens at local all levels of government.
He added that with the data, government could plan very well for its citizens.
``For now, we are pursuing shadow, if BRISIN is not implanted as our planning and development foundation,’’ Hassan said.
Mr. Seyi Akinbuwa, who lives in Frankfurt, Germany, advised the Federal Government to embrace the BRISIN concept for easy actualisation of its promises to Nigerians.
In his view, Mr Michael Obong, who lives in Japan, said that BRISIN is the only credible solution to achieving the change, on which platform the current administration campaigned.
He added that Nigerians in Japan had expressed delight following the inauguration of BRISIN by the National Planning Commission.
Source: News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)
Posted by : Lashley Oladigbolu.
Lashley Oladigbolu is an accredited Journalist for World Bank Online Media Briefing Centre and United Kingdom Representative for BRISIN.

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