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Friday, 18 December 2015

Kaduna Massacre: El-ZakZaky Protesters Storm Nigeria High Commission In London, demands his freedom!

Kaduna Massacre : El-ZakZaky Protesters Storm Nigeria High Commission In London.

Following the recent brutal killings of Shiite muslims in  northern Nigerian cities of Zaria and Kaduna, protesters who are mainly Iranians stormed the Nigeria High Commission today in central London to condemn the brutality from the Nigerian soldiers.

Different groups of Islamic organisations and human rights crusaders under the banner of Justice For Peace came out to  condemn Nigerian government and its Army for killing the followers of Sheik Ibrahim El- Zakyzaky in Zaria and the group expressed Thierry support for Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( Known as Shitte group in Nigeria) as they described as a spiritual leader representing peaceful co-existence of his people irrespective of their religion, faith and tribes.

"Sheik ZakyZaky is a man of peace, he protected even the Christians and Muslims in Nigeria in the face of brutal Boko Haram insurgency, he is a symbol of peace and unity of many people all over the world."

Raza Kazim of Islamic Human Rights Commission while addressing the gathering proclaimed that " Imam ZakyZaky belongs to every school of thought, he belongs to Muslims, Christians, Hinduism and all religion groups and he is an emblem of peace.

 It is an act of condemnation for Nigerian Army to humiliate Imam El-ZakZaky who has been supporting the Nigerian government in every consultations to maintaining peace and safety of Nigerian people."

Some placards read : Stop Killing Nigerians' 'Release ZakyZaky' among others were displayed by angry protesters for  over two hours in the front of Nigeria High Commission in London.

Protesters were chanting  " Shame on Nigerian Army" along the Northumberland Lane adjacent to the Nigeria House. Some of the group of protesters who spoke to our correspondent said that similar protest shall come up on Sunday 20th December, 2015 which is the last part of the three peaceful protests in the same location.

All attempts to get reaction from the officials of the Nigerian House prove abortive as the Acting High Commissioner was believed to  be attending a send-forth party at the time the protest was taking place outside the High Commission.

Kaduna state government also banned all forms of procession until further notice and panel of inquiry has been set up to investigate the whole unfortunate incident.

A leader among the  protesters who are mainly non-Nigerians stated that the peaceful protest is to openly testify that they are standing in solidarity with the people of Nigeria.

 "We are asking for Freedom of Speech, justice and rights of religion observation. Enough is enough, we the Muslim nations need to stand together, that we are peaceful nations. Who is providing the amunition? Why is there is no official statement from the Nigerian government to condemn the ignoble acts of Nigeria Army? Muslims are  peaceful people and must not be treated like terrorists." he said.

By Lashley Oladigbolu in London.

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