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Monday, 7 March 2016

Lola Arisekola goes live on RTE TV to be The Voice of Ireland

Lola Arisekola, a law student and graceful daughter of Ibadan-born businessman, Wole Arisekola has been shining brilliantly on the on-going The Voice of Ireland, that has become a  wildly sought-after contest on Irish television RTE-1.
To say the budding talent who attested publicly that her mum Morenike Arisekola is a source of her inspiration is becoming a diva is an understatement. Catching the viewers' attention in the evening of Sunday 6th March 2016, the Voice hopeful, Lola sang "We Stole The Show" with Emmett Garvin Daly, a practice doctor, also a member of Team Una in the Battle's stage of this year's Voice of Ireland.

The Voice of Ireland contest show on the RTE One national TV attracts millions of viewers across the globe every Sundays by 6:30PM GMT.
Lola Arisekola, upon effortlessly singing s Papa's Got A New Brand Bag at the Blind Audition started about a  month ago she was aptly wanted by the four judges, who were impressed by her performance.

  Following that stage of the competition, four coaches have a team of 14 acts each as each coach divides their team into duos and sets them off in a song they must sing together.The duos battle it out on stage in front of a live audience.The coach then choose only one person from the duo to proceed to the live shows, known as Live Knockout.
However, each coach may steal two acts that their fellow coaches have sent home. Each coach will take a total of nine acts into the Live Knockouts -Shows 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th.

A bang on the button signalling 'I Want You' from the judge, Bressie brought the hopes alive on TV!

"Yes she made it"! Exclaimed Lashley, one of her teeming fans who went online to express his happiness.

Bring on to Live Show!!!

The Battle between Lola Arisekola and Emmett Garvin Daly was settled and the duo currently continue to follow their ambitions to be the Voice of Ireland 2016, thanks to Steal that got Lola Arisekola through. Not only Steal from Bressie wants her, the voting public audience already want Lola too.
 Laois Nationalist, a community-wide Dublin news magazine has published Lola's face on the FrontPage : ''Lola makes it a Laois double in Voice of Ireland'', as representing the extended part of Dublin in the pattern of a worthy ambassador.

Go For It. Be the Voice of Ireland, diva.
In the knockout stage, the series goes live and sees 36 acts compete over 3 weeks of intense viewers scrutiny in order to get a place in the live quarter finals. Each week of the Live Knockouts three acts from each team perform and their coach can take only one of them through to the quarter finals-shows 12th, 13th and 14th.

After the end of Sunday's show, it was decided that Emmett stays on Team Una 2016 while Lola joins team Bressie 2016.

Voice of Ireland comes on tv RTE One every Sundays by 6:30pm
Please show your support and vote for your Lola.

Four acts perform twice during the final and based on public vote
only one act will be crowned The Voice of Ireland and win a
recording contract with Universal Music.

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