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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Herdsmen Terrorism: Nigeria Nation In Danger Of Anarchy

Herdsmen Terrorism: Nigeria Nation In Danger Of Anarchy-
By Fatai Ogunribido (EMN-News)
Nigerians in the United Kingdom have been urged to attend a one-day protest in denunciation of the on-going mass killing of innocent citizens by cattle rearers from the North of the country.The herdsmen have invaded farmlands across the nation causing mayhem by destroying crops and relating agricultural products.
Most disturbing is the dangerous arming of the herdsmen, many of who go about in their itinerary and cattle shepherding with AK-47 and various types of shotguns, and demonstrating desperate killer instincts to cajole farmers from both Middle belt and Southern part of Nigeria
Sources put the estimated number of slaughtered citizens across the nation at about one thousand since the beginning of the year with tens of thousands more displaced from their various homes by the armed gang of herdsmen forming killer gangs.
“The intention is to force their cattle to graze on various grasslands and where such grazing is being resisted or rebuffed because of the hazards on the land crops and other land products, the herdsmen shoot the farm owners in cold blood and kill them”, a farm owner in Enugu where about 50 residents were slaughtered last Monday said in an interview”.
According to the residents in the outskirt of Enugu in Eastern Nigeria, the herdsmen occasionally form bigger groups to carry out assaults on villages and communities. In one instance last Monday, about 100 herdsmen bombarded Ukpabi Nimbo community in the Uzo-Uwani area of Enugu State killing almost 40 residents of the community.
Despite prompt information passed to the security agents, it was claimed that the police refused to respond.
As a sympathy visit was on Tuesday paid to the community, by the General Officer Commanding, 82 Division, Enugu, Major General Attahiru Ibrahim, and the Commissioner of Police, Enugu State, Nwodibo Ekechukwu, it emerged that a complaints was lodged about the lackadaisical approach of the security agents during the attack. The body of a man uncovered in the bush on Tuesday morning, was displayed after conveyed  in a police Toyota Hilux van to the venue, shown to the security heads. He was a victim of the herdsmen and butchered mercilessly. It was claimed that the corpse was that of a secondary school teacher, reportedly kidnapped abducted from his home and killed in the bush by the herdsmen. Deep market cuts were discovered all over his body.
A former Secretary to the Federal Government, Pa Olu Falae, was attacked for the second time in a year in April 9 this year. His  security guard was killed as his farm was raided by the assailants  in Ilado,  Ondo State. He was kidnapped few months ago by the herdsmen who requested for a big ransom. The kidnappers were later arrested by the security forces.
Herdsmen Terrorism: A terrorist herdsman wielding a big killer gun used against farmers Nigeria Herdsmen Terrorism: Nigeria Nation In Danger Of Anarchy. Fulaniherdsman1
Herdsmen Terrorism:A terrorist herdsman wielding a big killer gun used against farmers
Few days ago, it was claimed by the security agents in Nigeria that among the 92 suspected herdsmen arrested on accusation of the criminal act, only six could be accounted for as about 86 were said to have escaped from the Police net.
As the Police were accused of incompetence, members of the public are accusing some stakeholders in the government of complicity with the escape of the arrested men being pre-planned.
According Rufus Adejaiye, a London based resident:” Many owners of the cattle are big men from the Northern part of the country who are able to arm the herdsmen because of the influence they wield within the government. Otherwise, how come no strong condemnation has emerged from the Presidency or from various information sections surrounding the presidency?
The herdsmen flash spots include Lagos State, Ondo State,  Agatuland in Benue State, Gareji village in Taraba State,. Abbi, Enugu State, Ossissa, in Ndokwa, Delta State  and many more across the nation In Adamawa State, it was reported that  60 people were killed recently while a police DPO was assassinated. The herdsmen killing spree extended to Demsare, Wunamokoh, Dikajam and Taboungo, all in Adamawa State,
The activities of the herdsmen have put the nation on the state of anarchy as the new wave of terror may endanger the general security of the nation. With the Fulani herdsmen taking laws into their hands and  killing innocent Nigerians so that their cattle would be feed, the nation has been put in a state of internal war and unless the government act precisely, the whole issue may snowball into major tribal war and civil disobedience.
In order to draw the attention of the World media to the carnage being the United Kingdom based Nigerians in the Diaspora are view the current trend of attack on farmers in various part of the nation, especially the Southern part of capable of inciting civil disobedience across the country.  The organisation has set aside May 3, 2016 as protest day. inviting international media to cover a major protest.

“Several gruesome acts of murder, rape and arson have been attributed to the Fulani herdsmen as retribution and revenge for their claim of encroachment on their grazing fields. Their latest act saw the murder of 80 men, women and children in Enugu last Monday”, the statement enunciated.
Adding: ”The Nigerian Government is yet to take any action to curb the hideous activities of the Fulani herdsmen and so far no official statement have been released regarding the alleged killings”, .
Spokesman for the organisers Mr Dare  Lasisi added
“Our cry is we want the World to listen to ordinary Nigerian and see their plight under this government. We cannot wait for FG to act before screaming to the whole world to rescue Nigerians”, he added.
The organisers  urges those coming dressed in black clothing in order to be in the true frame of appearance “To mourn our departed compatriots”.
The organisers are also reminding Nigerians that this isn’t APC VS PDP matter but an issue that concerns us all and a war against Fulani Killers Herdsmen.
The march is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 3rd May at 11 am – 1pm to commence from the Nigerian High Commission on Northumberland Avenue to the UK Parliament Building at Westminster, London.
Below, the herdmen boast about their power in the new Nigeria under Buhari presidency, speaking about how they will destroy Southerners

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