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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Video: How Protesters Occupied National Assembly, Demanded Return of Purchased Cars, Corruption-Free Representations!

In their hundreds youths have laid seige to the National Assembly, Tuesday, demanding for the resignation of the the Senate President, Bukola Saraki. This paralysing activities at the Federal Parliament.
Protesting under the name, Occupy National Assembly, tagged #OccupyNass, protesters are presently infront of the Assembly, they are also asking the House to mend the identifird grey areas in the budget so as to be passed into law and end the suffering of Nigerians.
 In the build up to the gathering, one of the lead organisers, Dr Idris Ahmed of Citizens United for Peace and Stability (CUPS) remarked that ''from this historic day onwards, Nigeria will never be the same again. We shall reclaim our country back from the tyrants at NASS. God willing''.

Protesters gathering up in the early hours on Tuesday
The youths said to be made up of coalition of civil societies, also want Senators who have collected the N38m Jeep bought for them by the Bukola Saraki led Senate to Immediately return the cars or face a possible showdown from the Nigerian public.
They were said to have forced their way to the main entrance to the National Assembly, defying all entreaties from the security agents manning the outer gate to retreat.

For now it is difficult leaving or entering the Assembly because, the gate has been locked and the protesters are occupying the front gate.
Watch the video clip of the news story by a Ben Television Abuja Correspondent

''We shall conduct ourselves in a very peaceful manner'' said one of the protesters.
They are carrying different placards with various inscriptions and have vowed not to leave the gate until their demands ate meant. The #OccupyNass was scheduled to take place over threee days between April 26th - 29th, 2016.

Credit: www.TheStreetJournal.Org

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