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Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Dear Prime Minister,

My name is Temitope Olodo, I am British-Nigerian born in Islington, London and I have to disagree with you on your definition of friendship and philosophy of partnership.
My heart indicts a great matter and I stayed awake all night replaying your conversation with the Queen in my head and the sarcastic comment of the House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow, that he hopes "they" are visiting the United Kingdom on their own expense; you can reassure Mr Speaker that none of 60 countries whose leaders are coming for the summit would present any rebate tax sheet to the taxpayer like himself who claimed over £31,000 plus from the taxpayer which the newspaper described at the time as ''obscene waste' .
In fact, research reveals that the 60 countries would be injecting over £50 million into the United Kingdom within the next few days in landing charges for their planes, fuel, hotel bill, meeting rooms booking, food and even security arrangement.
Please remind the gullible UK community that believe you gave us £250 million foreign aid that your "prosperity agenda" program on investment is worth £6 billion so you are getting alot out of Nigeria your former colony that Great Britian kept all their fine artefacts with millions of visitors paying to see does artwork and the Nigeria community that own the artwork don't get a penny from it ...
As a "fantastically corrupt" nation we admit we have a challenge and we are working on it; we believe Great Britian is a friend that we can trust her to assist us in this quest but a friend don't mock and treat another friend the way you did Prime Minister.
Nevertheless, we accept your assertion and we hope that this summit would deal with the real corruption issue:
1. The banks accepting kleptocrats depositing money in UK territory
2. Removal of bottleneck process in the return of looted money
Just like His Excellency, President Muhammad Buhari GFCR said, we don't need your apology sir; that we need from you is our money/asset back. We don't trade by barter, the process where you offer us secondhand product in exchange fir the money.
Our President has:
- A budget to implement
- A nation to manage and
- A people that believe in his leadership
Thank you for reading my letter 

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