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Friday, 17 June 2016

EU Referendum: IN or Out of The Way Your Votes Swing, By Ayodele Ojo


EU Referendum: IN or Out of The Way Your Votes Swing.
By Ayodele Ojo

Please  permit me to share my thoughts about the forthcoming EU referendum election to take place in the UK next week.

I am yet to decide whether to vote leave or remain but of course I will vote.

The strongest argument for the 'vote in' campaign is the economic benefits of single market within the EU. They also state that the UK's special status (not part of Shengen agreement and Eurozone) further strengthen their case to stay in the EU. They appear not to have a strong argument for EU free movement at the moment. 

The 'vote leave' campaign say the EU free movement is putting strains on public local jobs, goverment spending and infrastructures. They want to bring in an Australian style point based system which they believe will be fair to non-EU and commonwealth countries.

They also argue that the weekly contributions to the EU which they estimate to be around £350 million will be used to finance key sectors of the economy such as the NHS. Their estimate has since been disputed because the UK receive money back to fund agriculture, research, education and infrastructural projects.

The vote leave group believe that the UK can freely negotiate trades with other developed countries. We don't know how long this will take. We are not sure with certainty the extent at which the UK economy will be impacted.

Another key question is whether a 'vote leave' win will continue to preserve the UK entity?
I think that both sides are passionate and have good arguments about leaving or staying in the EU.

The questions is whether we should stick to the status quo or opt out.
Either way, the result after 23 June will open a new chapter in UK economy and politics.

Ayodele Ojo writes from London.

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