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Monday, 22 August 2016

Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) from Temitope Olodo (Esq)

His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR
Commander-in-Chief of Nigeria Armed Forces
Federal Republic of Nigeria
The Presidency
Aso Rock
Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

My Dear President,
I write to you with a heavy heart particularly on the issue of the Chibok Girls because I am confident that you are genuinely interested in their safe return not only because of the political bonus but for humanity reasons.
Unfortunately, available security research and precedents from around the world on handling of profile abduction cases do not align with the recent methodology employed by Nigeria security infrastructure as the best approach to achieving the type of outcome you are hoping for.
As a Counter Terrorism Analyst, I strongly believe that this is the appropriate time to revisit the security strategy deployed by the Federal Government on this matter and to honestly, setup a Special Taskforce to handle the issues relating to the Chibok Girls.
Nigeria Armed Forces are currently overwhelmed with all their security operations in the North-East, South-South and South-East of Nigeria; thus, it is advisable to give the Inspector General of Police a led on the Chibok Girls issue which is constitutional and allow the military to attach an elite unit to work with them.
Your Excellency, you won Nigeria Election to become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by deploying a different strategy and not doing things the normal way; I am appealing to your office to use the same initiative and move away from the traditional security method adopted in the past.
I am pleased that you acknowledged when I once met with you over a year ago that there are immense security competence embedded in Nigerians residing abroad who have worked within different security establishments but it is unfortunate that Nigeria security infrastructure have not tap into these skill-set for positive outcomes.

It is embarrassing that time and time again, information given to the military are not been utilised effectively. From Sunday Adoba to other individuals declared wanted by the military; it is clear that there is a communication problem and security agencies need to improve their intelligence gathering structure.
Nigeria Armed Forces which remains a professional military outfit of great accomplishment are unfortunately working outside their security competence and the more, they work out their traditional area of expertise; the longer they will be embarrassed by failure to deliver.
It is important to highlight that almost all military formations around the world ensure that they work within their area of core competence which is mainly territorial protection and to expect Nigeria Armed Forces to be handling abduction cases in not only absurd but unreasonable.
To date, Nigeria Police Force has continued to operate a ‘fire-fighter strategy’ to their operational activities rather than being proactive in their policing by consent  which is responsible for the decline in community confidence and reassurance in safety and security in Nigeria.
Even with the Chibok Girls abduction and serious security challenges confronting our educational institutions; there is still no School Security Strategy and no effort to assign a designated Commissioner of Police to help prevent re-occurrence of abduction in many Nigeria schools.
Your Excellency, if the approach adopted in finding the Chibok Girls is not changed; then recovery of the girls would be unsuccessful and maybe in another year – we will ‘accidentally’ find one or two girls somewhere with North-East Nigeria.
I will strongly recommend that you inject new Nigerian professionals with the right skill-set in this project so that we can get the right outcome; let a selected few go through all the presidential report on the Chibok Girls and allow the special taskforce to work on solutions supported by the military elite groups.
Finally, the Civilian JTF is a time-bomb waiting to become a big problem; it is time to setup a Presidential Committee to examine Post-Welfare Package for this unsung hero of North-East Nigeria.
God Bless, the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Yours Sincerely,

Temitope Olodo Esq.,

NDSF Chair
Nigeria Diaspora Security Forum

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