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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Salman Abedi’s Father Says His Son Is Innocent Of Manchester Arena Bombing

Salman Abedi’s Father Says His Son Is Innocent Of Manchester Arena Bombing

‘We don’t believe in killing innocents.’

The father of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi has said his son is innocent, and has confirmed UK police have arrested another son.
Abedi’s father, Ramadan, told the Associated Press from Tripoli: “We don’t believe in killing innocents. This is not us.”
The attacker’s father said that he spoke to his son last week to discuss meeting in Tripoli during Ramadan and said he was “really shocked” when he heard what had happened on Monday night.
Salman Abedi’s father has claimed his son is not responsible for the Manchester Arena bombing
It emerged on Wednesday that the 22-year-old was known “up to a point” to the intelligence services and had recently returned from Libya. 
Abedi, who was born in Manchester, has been described by an imam at his local mosque as the “face of hate”
“I was really shocked when I saw the news, I still don’t believe it,” Ramadan Abedi told Bloomberg.
“My son was as religious as any child who opens his eyes in a religious family,” he said.
“As we were discussing news of similar attacks earlier, he was always against those attacks, saying there’s no religious justification for them.
“I don’t understand how he’d have become involved in an attack that led to the killing of children.”
At least 22 people were killed after a bomb exploded at Manchester Arena on Monday night as fans, many of whom were children, left an Ariana Grande concert. 
The terror threat level in Britain was raised from severe to critical on Tuesday evening and armed police have began patrolling UK streets and protecting tourist attractions.
Home Secretary Amber Rudd told Sky News that the intelligence services had been aware of Abedi, who is reported to have recently returned to the UK from Libya. 
Abedi’s father said he made frequent trips to visit his family in Libya and he continued to protest his son’s innocence.
“Every father knows his son and his thoughts, my son does not have extremist thoughts,” he added.
Abedi’s Libyan parents had fled to the UK after becoming opponents of Gaddafi. 
The family initially lived in London before moving to Manchester where they resided in the Whalley Range area, which became famous after schoolgirls Zahra and Salma Halane left home and fled to Syria in 2015.
People leave tributes in Albert Square, Manchester, after a 23-year-old man was arrested in connection with the Manchester concert bomb attack.
A group of Gaddafi dissidents, who were members of the outlawed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), lived within close proximity to Abedi, the Telegraph reported. 
Abedi’s father reportedly used to call the prayer at the Manchester Islamic Centre, also known as Didsbury Mosque, and his older brother, Ismail, had been a tutor at the mosque’s Koran school. Ismail, 23, was arrested near a Morrisons in Chorlton on Tuesday. 
A trustee at the mosque told the Press Association it was likely Abedi had also attended there.
Fawaz Haffar described the mosque as moderate, modern and liberal, but Mohammed Saeed El-Saeiti, the local imam, told the The Telegraph he remembers Abedi as a dangerous extremist.
“Salman showed me the face of hate after my speech on Isis,” the imam said. 
“He used to show me the face of hate and I could tell this person does not like me. It’s not a surprise to me.”
Abedi, who had a sister and two brothers, went to school in Manchester before studying business at Salford University - a degree he did not complete.
Abedi, who then became a baker, has since been remembered by his friends as a good footballer and supporter of Manchester United and a user of cannabis. 
Armed officers raided an address linked to Abedi on Tuesday and carried out a controlled explosion at the property on Elsmore Road, Fallowfield where, according to the Manchester Evening News, a ‘Know Your Chemicals’ booklet was found. The family were believed to have lived at more than one address in the city.
A member of the army joins police officers on Whitehall, London, after Scotland Yard announced armed troops will be deployed to guard “key locations” such as Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, the Palace of Westminster and embassies
Police on Wednesday arrested three men in south Manchester and said it was “likely” Abedi was not acting alone. 
A family friend, who asked not to be named, described Abedi as “normal” and said they were known to the Libyan community in the city.
He told the Press Association: “He was always friendly, nothing to suggest (he was violent). He was normal, to be honest.”
A family friend, who described the Abedis as “very religious”, said most of the family had returned to Libya, leaving only Salman and Ismail behind. 
“They have not been there for quite a while. Different people come and go,” Alan Kinsey told the newspaper.
Kinsey’s wife, Frances, said she believed that the parents had left before Christmas and just one or two young men had been living in the property.
Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said the priority for detectives was to establish whether Abedi had acted alone or had worked as part of a wider network.

Salman Abedi’s father has claimed his son is not responsible for the Manchester Arena bombing

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Akwa Ibom highest recipient as Nigerian govt, states, LGs share N1.41 trillion in first quarter 2017

The Federal Government, the 36 states and their local government areas have so far shared N1.4 trillion from the federation account, being revenue generated in the first quarter of 2017.
The breakdown is contained in the monthly Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) report obtained by the News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday in Abuja.
The key agencies that remit funds into the federation account are the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, the Federal Inland Revenue Service and the Nigerian Customs Service.
The total revenue shared in January between the federal, states and local government was N430.16 billion, meaning that federal took N168 billion, states, N114.28 billion and local government, N85.4 billion.
The federation grossed in N514 billion in February and federal government’s share was N200.6 billion, states, N128.4 billion and local government, N96.52 billion.
However, in March, revenue generation dipped lower, grossing N466.9 billion, and from it, the federal government got N180.5 billion, state governments, N116.5 billion and local government, N87.5 billion.
The allocation was made using the revenue sharing formula of federal government, 52.68 per cent; states, 26.72 per cent and local governments 20.60 per cent.
The report showed that before distribution, state liabilities were deducted.Akwa Ibom on the Nigerian map

The liabilities paid by the states in the first quarter, included an external debt of N8.73 billion, contractual obligations of N30.15 billion and other deductions amounting to N50.23 billion.
The other deductions, covers National Water Rehabilitation Projects, National Agricultural Technology Support, Payment for Fertiliser, State Water Supply Project, State Agriculture Project and National Fadama Project.
However, here is what each of the 36 states got in the first quarter after all deductions were made.
Abia N8.42 billion, Adamawa N7.8 billion, Akwa Ibom N34.88 billion, Anambra, N8.7 billion, Bauchi, N7.9 billion, Bayelsa, N22.97 billion, Benue, N8.16 billion, Borno, N9.74 billion and Cross River, N4.28 billion.
Also, Delta got N21.54 billion, Ebonyi, N7.56 billion, Edo, N6.5 billion, Ekiti, N4.97 billion, Enugu, N7.86 billion, Gombe, N6.35 billion, Imo, N7.92 billion, Jigawa, N9.66 billion, Kaduna, N10.56 billion and Kano, N14.02 billion.
Similarly, Katsina’s share from the federation account in 3 months was N10.05 billion, Kebbi, N8.37 billion, Kogi, N8.28 billion, Kwara, N6.9 billion, Lagos, 19.03 billion, Nasarawa, N7.41 billion and Niger, N9 billion.
Finally, Ogun state got N4.98 as allocation for first quarter, 2017, Ondo, N10.22 billion, Osun, N1.76 billion, Oyo, N8.9 billion, Plateau, N5.7 billion, Rivers, N26.8 billion, Sokoto, N9.07 billion, Taraba, N6.9 billion, Yobe, N8.33 billion, and Zamfara, N5.91 billion.
The FAAC committee is made up of commissioners for Finance and Accountant-Generals from the 36 states of the federation.
The Minister of Finance, is the chairman of the committee, while the Accountant-General of the Federation, is next with representatives from the NNPC.
Other members are representatives from the Federal Inland Revenue Service; the Nigerian Customs Service; Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission as well as the Central Bank of Nigeria.
The federation account is currently being managed on a legal framework that allows funds to be shared to the three tiers of government under three major components.
These components are the statutory allocation, Value Added Tax distribution; and allocation made under the derivation principle.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Meet Imafidon:The Nigerian young lady listed for MBE (Member of The British Empire)

The 27 year-old Nigerian lady listed for MBE (Member of The British Empire)  By Ahaoma Kanu

Meet Miss Anne-Marie Imafidon, the eldest daughter of Prof. Chris O Imafidon and Mrs Ann Imafidon from Edo State, Nigeria whose family has been dubbed the Brainiest Family in Europe. Anne-Marie holds the record of being the youngest girl to ever pass two GCSE examinations — for Mathematics and Information Technology and A-level computing at the age of 11 in Britain. The 27 year old Nigerian lady is being listed to receive national honour from Queen Elizabeth II on Friday, 19th May 2017. Ahaoma KANU, the CNN African Journalist Award winner, writes:

 Nigeria’s Miss Anne-Marie Osawemwemze Imafidon, 27, will today Friday be decorated by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, with the prestigious honour of Member of the Most Excellent British Empire (MBE) for her services to young women with specialty in Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
An MBE is an award given by the Queen to an individual for outstanding service to the community or local hands on service.
Due to her high exceptional brilliance, she received a British Scholarship to study Mathematics at the John Hopkins University at the age of 13 in 2003. Two years later, she commenced a degree at Oxford University after which she enrolled for her Masters degree setting another record of the youngest Masters degree holder from the Ivy league university.
Imafidon, who is a multi-linguist, speak six languages and has worked with Goldman Sachs, Hewlett-Packard, Deutsche Bank, and Lehman Brothers. In 2013, she founded Stemettes, a social enterprise which inspires the next generation of women into pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with an objective to break barriers women who pursue a career in the field face.
Stemettes, which grants awards to young women, have programs workshops and events designed to introduce young women to STEM careers, concepts, and role models, have attracted over 7000 young women from across the UK, Ireland and Europe.
Imafidon’s rather unique achievements at a young age has stood her out as a person to watch out for by the British press; she was named on Evening Standard’s recent list of ’25 under 25s’ and a Guardian ‘Top 10 women in tech you need to know’ as well as being the UK IT Industry & British Computer Society’s Young IT Professional of the Year in 2013.
Her father, Professor Chris Imafidon, a renowned government adviser to presidents, the royals and the Queen who is known also as the patriarch of Britain's brainiest family, said he received the news last year of her inclusion in the 2017 honours list with shock.
“Like every parent would feel, we are still in shock. This is simply God-orchestrated. I, personally never believed that her young career would accelerate to this historic height. This is beyond belief,” he said in a chat.
The Imafidon family definitely have the achievers blood running in their DNA as not only Anne-Marie dominates their achievements wall of fame. Her sister, Christina, 24, is the youngest student to ever get accepted and study at an undergraduate institution at any British university at 11; another sister, Samantha, 17, passed two rigorous high school-level mathematics and statistics exams at the age of six, while the twins, Peter and Paul, made British history as the youngest students to ever enter high school when they became the youngest to ever pass the University of Cambridge’s advanced mathematics exam, setting world records by passing the A/AS-level math papers at eight years.
With the Imafidon family has been setting across the world, he advised parents to change their methods of education in an obvious changing world in order to explore every child’s gifts and talents.
“The same God has given every child gifts and talents. We parents must join the www.ExcellenceinEducatio­ in developing such massive potential. As stated in my forthcoming book entitled "The Genius in You", we can't use the old methodology of learning. Schools and society must wake to the re-engineered system of education that understands that there is a genius in every child and greatness in every adult. This genius is irrespective of ethnicity, gender, nationality, postcode, class or creed. So every family can equal or exceed our achievements.”
Prof Chris Imafidon who invented this accelerated academic and career development path, has tested it on people of diverse race and it produced the same or improved result and achievement as attain by his children. He stated that some of this exceptional educative methods are including in his book, "The Genuis in you. How To Win The Oscar".

He revealed that he will be visiting Nigeria very soon to launch the learning methodology to enable Nigerian parents learning of their winning ways while Anne-Marie will be expand Stemettes to also offer Nigeria young girls interested in pursuing a career in STEM an opportunity to realize their dreams.

“Our grandparents taught us that charity begins at home. We are very enthusiastic about Africa and must contribute our quota to the training and education of young minds. We want to launch a bigger program in Africa, particularly Nigeria and work with the corporate community, industry leaders so that we can deploy the re-engineered learning methodology of www.ExcellenceinEduc­ program. We know that with these programs young Nigerians can equal or exceed our record-breaking achievement. The next generation of Africans have no choice but excel because there is a genius in everyone.”
Others Nigerians who will also be honoured this year include Prof. Elizabeth Nneka Anionwu, a Professor of Nursing, who gets an OBE for her services to nursing and the Mary Seacole statue appeal, Chris Ofili, an artist who gets a CBE for his services to arts and Jeremiah Oluwatosin Ayotunde, a Cadet Colour Sergeant who gets an OBE for his services to young people and the community of London. Top ranking tennis star, Andy Murray, is among the hundreds of achievers to be honoured.

By Ahaoma Kanu, the Chief Executive of Stage 4 Media and winner of CNN African Journalist Award.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Attack on journalists, activists, protesters in West, Central Africa reaches breaking point - Amnesty calls for protection rights the 'Brave'

Human rights defenders, journalists and protesters in West and Central Africa are facing ever-higher levels of persecution, intimidation and violence, warned Amnesty International on Tuesday as it launched a new global campaign demanding an end to the onslaught of attacks against brave individuals standing up to injustice.

The ‘Brave’ campaign calls on states in the region to recognize the legitimacy of human rights defenders by respecting their work, giving space for it and protecting them from threats. States should take concrete measures to achieve these aims including by adopting strong protection laws and revising or repealing laws used to target human rights defenders.

“States across the region have deployed a broad and increasingly inventive range of tactics to stop people standing up against injustice and to coerce them into self-censorship,” said Alioune Tine, Amnesty International’s Regional Director for West and Central Africa

“By removing the right to protest, placing activists under surveillance, and intimidating them with threats and physical attacks, many governments are carrying out a full-frontal assault on human rights defenders.”

In a briefing ‘”Shut down for speaking out: Human Rights Defenders under attack in West and Central Africa” published today, Amnesty International documents the mounting danger faced by those defending human rights in the region.

Growing arsenal of tools used to crack down on defenders

The combination of mass surveillance, new technology, the misuse of laws and crackdowns on peaceful protests is exposing human rights defenders to dangerously high levels of risk, the briefing warns.

In almost every country in West and Central Africa, people participating in peaceful protests have been repressed through the banning of demonstrations or by the use of the unnecessary or excessive force against protesters.

Since January 2014, Amnesty International has documented 271 protesters killed – one every five days – and thousands more injured during protests across the region, although the true number is likely to be higher. The overwhelming majority of these killings and injuries were committed by the security forces who used teargas, batons and live ammunition to disperse protesters or armored vehicles to ram their way through the crowds, even when protests were peaceful. There is rarely, if ever, accountability for such heavy-handed repression.

Arbitrary arrests and detentions and administrative measures

Since January 2014, Amnesty International has documented the arbitrary arrest of at least 87 human rights defenders in West and Central Africa. In 2016 alone, 13 anti-slavery activists in Mauritania were brought before court on trumped up charges and sentenced to between three and 15 years in prison. In November last year, an Appeal Court acquitted and released three of them and reduced the sentence of the 10 others.

In Chad, four pro-democracy activists were arrested in N’Djamena between March and April 2016 for planning to organise peaceful public demonstrations against the current president’s bid for re-election for a fifth term. They were found guilty of ‘incitement to an unarmed gathering’, and received suspended prison sentences after more than two weeks in detention.

Several states including Cameroon, Chad, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo introduced legislation which could be used to target human rights defenders, journalists and whistle-blowers in reprisal for their work, often in the name of countering terrorism and cybercrime.

In Cameroon, anti-terror legislation originally introduced to respond to the security threat from Boko Haram, was used to silence civil society leaders in the English-speaking regions who called for protests against discrimination.

Administrative measures – such as delaying or denying the registration of NGOs to operate or restricting their funding – have also been used to prevent the work of human rights defenders. In Togo, for example, officials refused to deliver registration certificates to a group of LGBTI activists because they “challenged cultural and social norms”.

“Human rights defenders are not enemies of the state; they are individuals who stand against injustice and take peaceful action to improve the human rights situation. Without their courage, our world is less fair, less just and less equal,” said Alioune Tine.

Internet and social media restrictions

Among the emerging trends is the use of new technologies and targeted surveillance, including online, to threaten and silence activists.

Restrictions on the use of the internet are increasingly being used across the region. In Gabon, Gambia and the Republic of Congo, access to the internet was cut off for between two and five days before and after Presidential elections in 2016, while social media was restricted around elections in Chad. In the most severe restrictions to date, the Internet was shut down in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon from January to April 2017 following protests about the use of French in courts and schools and demands for greater autonomy.

Many states have passed legislation which restricts internet access and subjects human rights defenders to online surveillance. For instance, in Senegal, amendments to the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure empower the authorities to restrict access to “illicit content” online and to hack into computers without judicial oversight.

In Nigeria, the Cyber Crime Act, requires internet service providers to keep all traffic and other data of subscribers for two years and make that data available to law enforcement agencies upon request.


The demonization of human rights defenders

Amnesty International urges the authorities in West and Central Africa to refrain from using language that disparages human rights defenders including by labelling them “criminals”, “foreign agents”, “terrorists”, or “undesirables”.

“When they are not threatening or harassing them, governments are attempting to cultivate open hostility towards human rights defenders by peddling demonizing rhetoric that portrays activists as threats to national security,” said Alioune Tine.

“It is a tribute to the brave men and women across the region that in spite of this continuing repression, they continue to fight for justice. We call on states to recognize and protect the legitimate work of those standing up for the inherent dignity and equal rights of all people.”


Friday, 12 May 2017

Anthony Joshua presented with Ooni of Ife's official congratulatory letter in London by Larry Ekundayo

World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua is presented with the Ooni of Ife's official congratulations by leading Nigerian boxer Larry Ekundayo last night, Thursday at the 02 Arena in London, U.K.
Nigerian boxing hero, Anthony Joshua, was touched and humbled to receive the Ooni of Ife's official congratulations on his recent, dramatic unifying of the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Yoruba King was the first Nigerian leader to officially have his congratulatory letter hand delivered and recognised by Anthony Joshua. Recall that the Ooni already blessed, endorsed and supported other Nigerian boxers (Larry Ekundayo and Olusegun Ajose), a fact which did not go unnoticed by the Heavyweight King. The Champion, who is very proud of his Nigerian roots, was touched by the personal letter, and he expressed a genuine interest in hearing how Nigeria had gotten behind him for his recent win.
The letter which was facilitated by Nigerian Lawyer - Bob Olukoya Esq., was hand delivered to AJ by elite Nigerian fighter, Larry Ekundayo and Ben Gray, the Commercial Agent for Nigeria boxers who specialises in helping Nigeria deliver on its huge wealth of boxing talent. 

Announcing this to the press crews, Larry Ekundayo said, ''I was hugely honoured to be asked by the Ooni of Ife to deliver his personal congratulation letter directly to Anthony Joshua last night. The Ooni has really got behind Nigerian boxers, as he is one of Nigeria's visionary leaders, lover of sport and youth development having seen the potential for Nigeria to deliver World Champions of our own! "

Reading it several times, Anthony beamed at its contents and was obviously honoured to receive it, even promising to frame the letter and put it on his wall at home! He looked forward to one day meeting the Ooni in person. Joshua and his team are already in early discussions with World Class Athletes based in London to visit Nigeria on an official tour of the country, so there is every chance that the heavyweight champion will be meeting the King of the Yoruba people in the near future. 

Anthony encouraged all Nigerians to get behind their boxers, especially Ekundayo, ahead of his forthcoming Commonwealth title bout and even recorded a special, personalised message for Larry, which will be released in the coming weeks. 

Finally, after delivering the letter Ben Gray said “It was wonderful to be able to help promote Nigeria in this way, and Anthony and his team couldn’t have been more welcoming to us because they know how we have helped represent Nigerian boxing. Now that the Ooni of Ife and the Alaafin of Oyo have led the way I hope that Nigerians everywhere will recognise the huge asset that Anthony and other Nigerian boxers are to their country. This is particularly valuable to the country in helping create positive news stories about Nigeria on the international stage, and as a result, I hope we will see proper support of your incredible, world class talent”.

Friday, 28 April 2017

BIAFRA: IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu released from Nigerian prison, sureties identified

The leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has been released from Kuje prison.

Mr. Kanu was arrested in October 2015 following allegations of treasonable felony by the federal government.

He was held in the custody of the State Security Service till the ruling in January 2016 when the Federal High Court ordered that the detained Biafra agitator be kept in prison custody.

Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu

Since his detention, Mr. Kanu has made various applications for bail which were refused by the different judges handling the matter.

He was, however, granted bail on Wednesday by Justice Binta Nyako

On Friday, Mr. Kanu’s lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, told PREMIUM TIMES that his client had fulfilled the bail conditions given to him by Mrs. Nyako.

In a telephone conversation with PREMIUM TIMES on Friday evening, Mr. Ejiofor confirmed that his client had been released.

“Yes, it is true,” said Mr. Ejiofor.

A source close to Mr. Kanu also confirmed the three people who stood as surety for him.They are the Chairman of the Senate’s South East Caucus, Eyinnaya Abaribe; a Jewish priest, Immanuel Shalom; and an accountant and Abuja resident, Tochukwu Uchendu. Mr. Kanu’s lawyer, however, declined comment on the sureties

-PremiumTimes Nigeria

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Police return budget documents, items seized from Senator Goje’s home

The Nigeria Police have succumbed to pressure by the National Assembly and returned all items, including budget documents taken from the residence of the chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, Danjuma Goje a raid last week.

Senator Goje's house

Senator Goje's house.


A statement signed by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters, Ita Enang, reads, “Further to the visit of the Nigerian Police Force to the residence of His Excellency, Senator Danjuma Goje, CON in the course of routine duties wherefrom certain items were taken by the police, and issues subsequently arising.

“I am to inform all that all the items taken in the course of routine police duties have been returned to the Distinguished Senator at his house by the Nigerian Police.”

Mr. Enang assured that all other issues relating to the subject matter were being addressed with a view to positive resolution.

The House of Representatives had issued a 24-hour deadline to the police to return all documents relating to the 2017 appropriation bill to the senator.

This ultimatum was issued due to an invasion of Mr. Goje’s residence by security operatives on April 20.

The police had also denied carting away appropriations documents.

Mr. Goje, a former governor of Gombe State, claimed the police officers carted away documents, including those on the 2017 budget proposal, N18 million, $19,000 and 4,000 Riyal from his residence in Asokoro

Published by Premium Times

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

BREAKING: President Buhari Suspends NIA Director-General, SGF- Babachir Lawal, Orders Full Investigation!

                      STATE HOUSE PRESS RELEASE


President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered an investigation into the allegations of violations of law and due process made against the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr David Babachir Lawal, in the award of contracts under the Presidential Initiative on the North East (PINE).

The President has also directed the suspension of the SGF from office pending the outcome of the investigations.


In a related development, the President has ordered a full scale investigation into the discovery of large amounts of foreign and local currencies by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in a residential apartment at Osborne Towers, Ikoyi, Lagos, over which the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) has made a claim.


The investigation is also to enquire into the circumstances in which the NIA came into possession of the funds, how and by whose or which authority the funds were made available to the NIA, and to establish whether or not there has been a breach of the law or security procedure in obtaining custody and use of the funds.


The President has also directed the suspension of the Director General of the NIA, Ambassador Ayo Oke, pending the outcome of the investigation.

A three-man Committee comprising the Hon. Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, and the National Security Adviser, headed by the Vice President, is to conduct both investigations.


The Committee is to submit its report to the President within 14 days.


The most senior Permanent Secretary in the SGF's office, and the most senior officer in the NIA, are to act, respectively, during the period of investigation.



Special Adviser to the President
(Media and Publicity)
April 19, 2017





Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Dignifying A Woman of Steel: Esther Afua Ocloo, a pioneer for women's rights celebrated at 98th birthday by Google

A Google doodle has celebrated Ghanian microlending pioneer Esther Afua Ocloo on what would have been her 98th birthday on 18th April 2017.

Who was the celebrated entrepreneur?




After starting a business selling fruit juice and marmalade as a teenager and realising the financial difficulties poor women faced, Ms Ocloo helped found and operate a bank specifically designed to help women on low incomes.

In 1975 as a succeeding businesswoman, Ms Ocloo was invited to the first UN World Conference on Women.

Later that decade, she founded and became the chairman of the board of directors of Women’s World Banking, which expanded her earlier goal of helping women obtain the small loans needed to launch businesses. The not-for-profit organisation has since helped millions of women start and run businesses, helping boost prosperity in countless communities.


During a trip to the UK in the 1950s, Ms Ocloo began to develop recipes for commercial food canning. She was also the first black person to gain a cooking diploma from the Good Housekeeping Institute in London.

In the same decade she returned to Africa and set up the first food processing business in Ghana.


 Ms Ocloo died of pneumonia in 2002 aged 82.


 culled from Independent UK

Thursday, 6 April 2017

This is Ifeoma, another Nigerian who gets admission into 8 Ivy League Universities in US !

She is the daughter of a Nigerian mother, Patricia, nee Eluemunor and Andre Thorpe-White. Ms Thorpe-White, a senior at Morris Hills High School in Rockaway New Jersey got accepted into Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton and Stanford.

"I was shaking, I was like, 'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,' like this might be eight out of eight and I clicked it and it said 'Congratulations' and I was like, 'Oh my goodness...'" Ifeoma told WABC-TV.

Mrs White-Thorpe told ABC News that she was not surprised by her daughter's feat.
"She has always been a hardworking girl," White-Thorpe said. "Last month, she was one of the 2017 Coca-Cola Scholars and that is one of 86,000 students in the United States. They choose 150 students and she was one of them.
"As a little girl, she was a great writer," she added. "I remember when she was in kindergarten. She spoke on behalf on behalf of the kindergarten class and it blew our minds away."
Principal Todd Toriello told ABC News that Ifeoma has been a student leader throughout her four years at Morris Hills High.
"She understands the importance of giving back to her school service and currently serves the student body as the student government association president," Toriello said. "As a senior, she's challenged herself in rigorous course work. ... In my relationship with her, she has always been a respectful individual and we are just so proud of her and her accomplishments.
"Whatever school she decides to go to, she will continue on doing great things and will leave her mark on this world and make it a better place," he added.

Ifeoma has joined the leagues of other Nigerians flying Nigerian flag higher in the United States.
Last year, Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna, a student of Elmont Memorial High School was also accepted to all eight Ivy League schools. In 2015, a salutatorian Harold Ekeh from the same school got admission to the big eight.
According to her mother, Ifeoma will be studying biology and hopes to become a cardiologist.

BREAKING: Court unfreezes Patience Jonathan's $5.9m account

It has been reported that a Federal High Court in Lagos on Thursday has unfrozen former first lady Patience Jonathan's account containing $5.9m.
 Sahara Reporters gathered that anti-corruption war suffers another judicial blow as the media outfit tweeted that " court Defreezes Patience Jonathan's @SkyeBank acct # 2110001712 with $5.9million."
It was further gathered
that the court premises was earlier on again beseiged by supporters of the wife of former President Goodluck Jonathan. 

Pictures from the court premises showed large number of women waiting for the judgment that eventually returned Patience's millions of dollars back to her. 

Details later

Thursday, 30 March 2017




 The Directorate of State Security (DSS) has urged media practitioners, especially bloggers to see themselves as stakeholders in the Nigerian project. This was made known on Wednesday by the Lagos State Director of the Agency when a delegation of Guild of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria, (GPBN) led by its President, Mr. Chris Kehinde Nwandu paid a courtesy visit to the State Headquarters of the Security Agency in Lagos. 

Represented by her Deputy, Mr Ahmed, the DSS asked the media to act as partners with Security Agencies in the country to rid Nigeria of criminals and undesirable elements as it is the norm in advanced countries.

The Directorate of State Securirity (DSS) promised that its doors are always wide open to all Nigerians at any given time to volunteer information that will lead to the prevention of crime in whatever form.

 The Agency which frowned at the level of crime being perpetrated by some unpatriotic Nigerians stated that rate of crime in Nigeria compared to what is obtainable in other advanced countries is not as high as being magnified by the media. HThe security chief enjoined media practitioners to see themselves first and foremost as patriots, this according to him should reflect on its news delivery especially when reporting sensitive issues bordering on National interest. 
He commended the idea behind the formation of Guild of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria; urging bloggers to always verify all information being published in order to avoid unnecessary litigations. On its part, the Guild of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria urged the Agency to open a more robust means of communication for Nigerians to report issues relating to crime without unnecessarily endangering their lives when such privileged information gets into the hands of same people being accused. The Guild urged the Agency to build more confidence and trust in Nigerians so that they will be willing to volunteer  information without endangering the lives of people.

The GPBN according to its President, Chris Kehinde Nwandu was formed in order to streamline the practice of blogging and online media practices.

 Its aims and objectives are to bring some level of Professionalism into the Profession bearing in mind inherent ethical behaviours. The association pledged to support the efforts of the DSS and other relevant Security Agencies towards achieving their core mandates and desired results. It also seeks the support of the Security Agency in the area of unhindered access to information on the activities of the Agency as the law establishing the Agency permits. 

Source: GPBN news bulletin

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

#WeAreNotAfraid in London: 5 dead as terror-linked attacker knifed the heart of capital!

The hashtag #WeAreNotAfraid took off on social media with people posting messages of strength in unity. Eyewitnesses say a man armed with a knife attempted to force his way past a security check-point at the front of Parliament.He then reportedly attack a police officer before he was shot by armed police. The terror attack in the heart of capital prompted a huge response from the emergency services.
The car reportedly mowed into several people on Westminster Bridge.

At least five persons have been confirmed dead after a terror attack outside the Houses of Parliament by a knife-wielding man who was taken by police . 

Eyewitnesses described a car deliberately mounting the pavement on Westminster Bridge before hitting numerous pedestrians.Horrific pictures show a woman trapped under a red doubledecker bus and multiple people lying injured on the floor being comforted by friends and passersby.Theresa May was dramatically bundled from the House of Commons by police and Parliament is still in lockdown.Authorities are piecing together the history of the Westminster terrorist who killed five people including a policeman on a broad daylight of Wednesday. The attacker, before being shot, left a trail of 40 injured when he ploughed a Hyundai 4x4 into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, then ran at parliament with a knife. The attacker was shot dead by police, but not before fatally stabbing an officer on security detail. Police say they know his identity and suspect he was motived by international terrorism.There was an overnight police raid in Birmingham – police are not yet saying if it is connected. There is a lot more to take in as Britain comes to grips with the arrival on its own soil of a mode of terrorist attack previously seen in Nice and Berlin.Theresa May emerged from a meeting of the government’s Cobra emergency committee to speak outside 10 Downing Street on later on Wednesday evening. Her voice wavered at times as she condemned the “sick and depraved attack” and praised the bravery of those who responded. The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, said defeating London’s spirit was a hopeless cause for the terrorists.World leaders, as always, responded with messages of condolence and solidarity. The hashtag #WeAreNotAfraid took off on social media with people posting messages of strength in unity.Eyewitnesses say a man armed with a knife attempted to force his way past a security check-point at the front of Parliament.He then reportedly attack a police officer before he was shot by armed police.Watching the incident unfold from the press gallery inside the Houses of Parliament, George Eaton the political editor of the New Statesman told Sky News: "I saw a large crowd fleeing the attacker who appeared to be carrying a knife, fleeing him from close to the Tube station."He then entered the gates of Parliament and charged at officers. We now know that one of them was sadly stabbed. He was then very swiftly shot by armed police."
The terror attack prompted a huge response from the emergency services.
The car reportedly mowed into several people on Westminster Bridge (Photo: REUTERS)Friends and family seen helping to console those left injured (Photo: Reuters)Chaotic scenes outside the Houses of ParliamentDaily Mail political editor Jason Groves witnessed the incident from his office window.He said: "I heard a bang coming from Westminster Tube station, looked out the window, there's a commotion, armed cops were running, the crowd of people outside were running as if for their lives."A guy comes through the vehicle entrance wielding something, towards a copper, the copper tumbles.

The attacker reportedly drove his car along Westminster Bridge, pictured, before attempting to enter Parliament(Photo: FameFlynet)"The man's running towards Westminster Hall, and then you've got a plain clothes copper comes running out."Not from the gate, but from the inside, shoots him once from maybe 10 or 15 yards away with a handgun, and then gets closer to him and shoots him again from over him and he doesn't get up."Prime Minister Theresa May was inside the Houses of Parliament as the incident unfolded.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen told Sky News of the moment she was whisked away by her security team."He then entered the gates of Parliament and charged at officers. We now know that one of them was sadly stabbed. He was then very swiftly shot by armed police."The terror attack prompted a huge response from the emergency services.The car reportedly mowed into several people on Westminster Bridge(Photo: REUTERS)Friends and family seen helping to console those left injured (Photo: Reuters)Chaotic scenes outside the Houses of ParliamentDaily Mail political editor Jason Groves witnessed the incident from his office window.He said: "I heard a bang coming from Westminster Tube station, looked out the window, there's a commotion, armed cops were running, the crowd of people outside were running as if for their lives."A guy comes through the vehicle entrance wielding something, towards a copper, the copper tumbles.

The attacker reportedly drove his car along Westminster Bridge, pictured, before attempting to enter Parliament(Photo: FameFlynet)"The man's running towards Westminster Hall, and then you've got a plain clothes copper comes running out."Not from the gate, but from the inside, shoots him once from maybe 10 or 15 yards away with a handgun, and then gets closer to him and shoots him again from over him and he doesn't get up."Prime Minister Theresa May was inside the Houses of Parliament as the incident unfolded.

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