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Monday, 14 August 2017

Editorial: News Agency of Nigeria and Copyright Breach.

News Agency of Nigeria  & Copyright Breach.

There is no argument in the fact that the agency is overrated in the media glare as sole distributor responsible for providing the news contents for its subscribed local media operators in Nigeria.

In a Punch news item captioned "Chelsea  treating me like a criminal -Costa" published on Monday 14th August, 2017,  credited to *News Agency of Nigeria* the claws and flaws of copyright are hanging on the neck of NAN for not professing that the news content is an exclusive interview story by the *UK Daily Mail* published same day, upon sending her team of professionals on a worthy and expensive journey to the remote town of Largarto in Brazil where Diego Costa is living with his parent.

The Punch newspaper has done what it takes professionally to indicate NAN as its source, however the news republished by the agency is devoid of copyright rules. No credit is given to Daily Mail UK.

Is NAN by this act different from bloggers and journalists who are often threatened for using its news items without due copyright compliance?

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