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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Live Update: How Anthony Joshua defends tittle against C Takam

[28/10 11:03 pm] Lashley Oladigbolu: Round 5
Another nervy star. Just as the action picks up, the referee calls time and calls for the ringside doctor to inspect the cut over his right eye. The doctor is satisfied and the fight continues. Takam rushes in and Joshua lands a right uppercut that doesn’t appear to faze the challenger, incredibly. Better combination punching from Joshua here. An AJ combo finds nothing but leather upstairs but he follows with a hook to the body that stops Takam in his tracks, then a right to the head when Takam drops his guard. Two more big shots to the body and those shots will most certainly take their toll. Takam makes it out of the round but his face is a bloody mess and he’s lost the spring in his step. Not much longer now, we feel safe in predicting.
Unofficial score: Joshua 10-9 Takam (Joshua 50-44 Takam)
[28/10 11:07 pm] Lashley Oladigbolu: Round 6
Joshua continuing to close in on Takam. He throws a combination but Takam claps back with a left upstairs. Now he bursts forward and misses with a combination. Last stand, feels like. Joshua looking collected as ever, jabbing, jabbing, jabbing away with the left and looking for an opening. Takam rushes in and clubs a right to Joshua’s body but it doesn’t seem to affect the champion one bit. Another left downstairs from Takam right on the beltline, but Joshua fires back and lands a right upstairs. Takam now in a variation of the Philly shell or crab defense with the right hand guarding his face and the left to his body. Joshua landing away with the hook almost at will, but none of the more than 74,500 on hand can question Takam’s toughness.
Unofficial score: Joshua 10-9 Takam (Joshua 60-53 Takam)

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